::3:: Knock Before You Come In

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My heart was beating a mile a minute I could have sworn the person/people coming down the stairs would hear it, I was scared honest to god scared, that guy I kissed was going to kill me, before I could kill myself for kissing him, I mean I still haven't even washed my mouth out!

I heard the shelf fall over and a banging on the door, I am SO screwed!!! Why can't there be any magazines around here? I glanced around quickly and saw a light hand gun thrown out on the floor. 

Well that wasn't something you saw everyday. A random hand gun thrown out in a cellar, behind a secret door, in an old farm house.


The door burst open but nobody steps in, I grabbed for the gun holding it at the door "Don't come in or I'll shoot" I screamed.

I heard laughing from behind the door "We can wait here all day if you want us too" God I wasn't as mad at him laughing at me, it was more of how sexy his laugh sounded while he laughed at me. Ah sweet, sweet irony.

Also they had a terrible fact, the most I could probably do with a gun is clip one of em'. I have a bad shot. Once I tried to shoot a can and I almost hit my cat, which was behind me, in a tree. Ya... don't ask.

"Fine I'm coming out, just don't rush me!" I yelled to them, I loaded the gun, maybe I'll hit them close up, I walked out and nobody was there...

"Well nice to see you've given yourself up" said a voice behind me, I turned around to face the one that had the beeping phone.

I held the gun up at him, "Back off I'm leaving!"

All he did was laugh. "You couldn't shoot me, you don't have the nerve." He was right I didn't have the nerve but I couldn't let him know it. Besides even if I did what's the worse they could do to me after I get away? Sue me for shooting them when they kidnapped me? Ha, no.

"Where are your goons?" I asked him my voice wavering a little.

"Well Tyson is behind you, Cradddoc to your left and to your right Abe..." I looked to my right and screamed! When the hell did they get there!?

"How, when, who?!?!" I stammered. Damn the one in front of me distracted me. "Go away or ill shoot you!!!!!" I yelled at the one I thought was Abe. He laughed at me. What is with these people always laughing at me? I shot his foot. "Laugh at me now!"

The guy fell to the ground... asleep or unconscious from pain? God I was out of it today. "Now, Now Alexandre... Come with us," said the one that was to my left, with a slight scowl.

They weren't even concerned about their friend. That was sick.

"NO!!!" I screamed, the one behind me grabbed me "get the hell off me!!!!!" I felt a sting in my side then I drifted off to sleep but just before I said "I hate you..." And my consciousness slipped into a very dark place. 

~~~~~~~Da nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nana BATCAN XD~~~~~~~~

I felt cold. May face was pressed against some cold surface. I wasn't sure if it had all been a true or a really vibrant hallucination.

My fingertips glided against the stone as I tried to figure out where I was.

Frowning I pushed against the floor to sit up. I couldn't see anything and the first panicking thought that came to my mind is 'OH MY GOD THEY HIT ME TOO HARD AND NOW IM BLIND! GOD DAMN THEM TO THE DARKEST PIT OF HELL!'

Then I noticed that there was only a rag covering my eyes.

Feeling relived and a tad embarrassed I pulled off the rag. "I'm still going to kick their asses." I muttered to myself.

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