Ang Boyfriend kong Artista [COMPLETE] by Clairemoon14
Ang Boyfriend kong Artista [ Clairemoon14
magbago kaya ang buhay nang isang babae dahil nakilala nya ang lalaking Superstar at sikat sa buong Universe??? O baka naman na dumugin sila ng mga tao?... Abangan..
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Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm [Completed] by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Cellienda
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
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Planned by someone_random111
Plannedby Anna L.
"We're getting married, Joy." The man I despised stated. After a minute of silence, I looked around the room. Wide, suspicious eyes were all awaiting my reacti...
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Brother // a.j.r. by cringedun
Brother // a.u.
Adam and Ryan refuse to acknowledge the fact that Jack is rotting from the inside out; Jack can't take it.
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The Gangleader I Met At School by user59506648
The Gangleader I Met At Schoolby Aaliyah Hepburn
This story is about how Alexia walters a straight A student falls bk because stunning gangleader boyfriend she only met at a club........
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Jab Karthik Met Naira (Holded) by musuGoyal
Jab Karthik Met Naira (Holded)by musu_kaira17
How karthik and naira met How they become friends How they become jai and veeru How they become bff And how from bff to love birds it would be interesting
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Omelas by Sasaengtic
Omelasby God Of Shakespeare
"Чөтгөрийн муу байдлыг үгүйсгэж шаналал гээчээс үхтэл залхсан. Хэрэв чи тэднийг болиулж чадахгүй бол тэдний нэг болох ёстой. Өвдөж байвал дахин давт"
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Before I met them by SweetColdHeart101
Before I met themby Rasheru Rokudzi (Ra-sama)
I wish I had a better life. "Your so cool! I wish I lived in New York! Why would you want something better than exclusive?!" That's what my friends said. If th...
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The Day I Met You || BTS Jjk  by trashy0903
The Day I Met You || BTS Jjk by BtsTrash
A story when a girl whose life is all about paying debts and giving her brothers the best of lives they could ever get. Little did she knows that her encounter with idol...
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His Mission||Jack Gilinsky by Hello_Its_Me_Claire
His Mission||Jack Gilinskyby Reanne claire Laraga
When He texted the wrong Person And His mission Is to make The person Fall In love with him (It's a girl lol)
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I Met Jesus by johannabekhuis
I Met Jesusby Anne
A story about a girl who met Jesus when she needed it the most.
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✨Sparkling Friendship✨ by Cute-Espemeow
✨Sparkling Friendship✨by Miracle the Espeon
Well friendship is important. I write down how I met my user friends and others~please read
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Accidentally Met You by anne_888
Accidentally Met Youby anne_888
Si April, isang sikat, mayaman, at halos nasa kanya na ang lahat.. Tinitingala sya at mabait din. Ngunit sa kabila ng kasikatan at kasiyahang ipinapakita nya sa harap ng...
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After I Met you by user66612269
After I Met youby nicolearceo
What will happen if the Girls and Boys who hated each other will be arranged marriage
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sweet stranger by luvvproject
sweet strangerby luvvproject
this story is not about 2 people who are got drunks and ended up sleep together this story is about a girl who met a boy thru social media and decided to be friend what...
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The Big Idea ⌲ An AJR Fanfic by UniQueenB
The Big Idea ⌲ An AJR Fanficby [ 은비; ]
Cassidy Evans along with her lifelong bestfriend, Jack Met move to California together. Both of them start a spectacular journey as they attend Rockwell University, meet...
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How I Met Your Father by probablydone
How I Met Your Fatherby sam
(HIMYM fanfiction. No copyright intended. The story is understandable to anyone, even if you have not watched the original show.) Penny Mosby doesn't tell typical bedtim...
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Until I Met You (Alyden) by Beagle1143
Until I Met You (Alyden)by Beagle1143
Alyden // Some loveteams ng AWVT 💙💪
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How Tyler and Josh Met FanFic by Jishwa_Tyjo_Fanfic
How Tyler and Josh Met FanFicby Tyjo <3 Jishwa
You've seen the interviews n shit where Tyler and Josh lie about how they met eachother... So I decided to turn what they say into actual stories. ~~~ Some are mine, and...
  • joshdun
  • tyjo
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The Knight of Wands by Iknowsecrets
The Knight of Wandsby Iknowsecrets
Phil was born January 30th 1987 Dan was born June 11th 1991 This is a story about Dates, times and days, months, and years. This is a story about Dan a...
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