::6:: Super Sick

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I'm going to die.

I'm going to die.

I am going to die.

Too much..blue...

I felt traumatized. Being stuck in the same room for three days is like going back to the white room all over again. Except this time there was too much blue. They had kept us locked in here for three days. THREE DAYS! And whoever is cooking sucks at it. I think that if they don't shoot me as a hostage, they're going to kill me by food poisoning.

After the fight with Tyson he basically lived in the closet. Playing video games got extremely boring. And I started talking to myself while bouncing on the bed. This kid has no sources of entertainment. How could he even stand to be in here all the time?

I laid on the bed. After a sloppy bowl of cereal I was kinda full. I had been staring at this ceiling so long that I felt like I could count every crevice and hole there was in it.

I wish I could talk to someone...

I've been sleeping a lot lately and I don't feel so great. Kind of like I chugged a whole gallon of sour milk. That doesn't feel so great if you really need to know. My stomach is like starting to eat itself. I dared not move just in case something came up from my stomach.

Maybe I should take a nap. Mom always said that you feel better after a nap. I sighed and turned very slowly so I wouldn't upset my stomach. I sighed and into the blanket, and prayed that I'd feel better after some sleep.

~Tyson's P.O.V~ 

It was unusually quiet out in my room. Normally You'd hear Alli talking to herself by now complaining about how it's too something. If the guys let her out and kept me in here for being a dick to her I swear to god I'm going to kill them.

I peeked out of the closet. Which I rarely do when it's light outside. I still sleep on my bed because it's my bed and I can. Though I put Alli on the floor and give her a pillow and a blanket before I do. She thinks that she's rolling off the bed at night. I wake up early and go back into the closet before she wakes up.

Yes and before that you watch her while she sleeps.

No I don't I have no idea what the hell you're ranting about.

You think she looks so calm when she sleeps.

Doesn't everyone?

Shut up you know what I'm talking about.

No actually I have no idea...

You're an idiot.

If I'M an idiot you're an idiot.


I sighed and stepped out the door. Alli was curled up into the blankets with her face pressed into the pillow. She didn't look quite alright. Her face was so pale it was almost translucent and her cheeks were way too rosy. She was also sweating somewhat, but she was shivering.

Concern struck me, and I crossed her room to the bed and felt her forehead. She was burning up. She mumbled and pressed her cheek into my hand. My hand must feel good compared to how warm she was. I sat down on the bed and sighed. When the boys come to give us lunch I want them to get an icepack and call the doctor. She doesn't look so good.

I laid on my back and looked up at my ceiling. As I listened to her sleeping her breathing sounded strained. I laid there listening to her breathing and a clock ticking off the hours until the guys would come to check up on us and give us food.

I guess she could somewhat feel that I was colder than she was, because eventually she ended up maneuvering herself so that her body was pressed against mine in an effort to cool down. If she would have been awake I would have pushed her away, but she was sleeping and she didn't know what she was doing so it wasn't as awkward.

Her face was buried into my shirt and I could defiantly tell she had a fever. She was way too hot for it to be healthy.

Interesting way of putting that.

Shut up. I don't want to hear anything from you right now.

Jez crabby?

Alli stirred slightly and groaned in pain. "I don't feel so good." I nodded my head stiffly. This might be awkward to explain. "I know." She mumbled something and pressed her face against my chest and sighed.

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