::1:: Park Visit

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I sat glaring at the ceiling. Yes, I was sitting there just glaring at the ceiling. Why was I doing this?Well one simple answer:

My brother

He was up in his room, blasting the music apparently as loud as the dial would let him.

I growled to myself. 'That boy is going to die someday!' Then an evil look crossed my face 'and it MIGHT be my fault!'

My brother and I we looked almost exactly the same except he was a guy and I of course was a girl.

We both had brown hair with blonde highlights, the same killer chocolate brown eyes, and strangely enough tan skin.

We were that kind of twins that parents want really bad, then regret soon after. Reason being? We were constantly on each others' nerves.

Yup that's pretty much our life style. Except everyone know that in a family there is always the one who always has a girlfriend/boyfriend and then there is the  

one who has the world at their finger tips, but is nice enough to let the other get all the attention.

My brother is the one who always has the girlfriends, me, I'm the smart one, the sensible one, and apparently the one who won't have ear drums if he keeps this up.

"Preston!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Energy wasted. The music was too loud, he couldn't hear me if he tried. And he wasn't about to.

I tried to block out the sound by covering my face with a pillow, but as much as I wished it would, nothing changed.

You'd think that if he went through all this trouble he would at least play a GOOD song. But no. He had to play one of the freaking weirdest/stupidest songs I can even think of, just to make me mad.

I think the name of it of it is. 'I want to ride my bicycle' I'm not sure, I didn't care enough for it to even learn the name of the dumb song.

Soon I couldn't take it anymore, so I quickly stomped up to his room to stop the annoyance at the source. But as soon as I opened the door I realized WHY the music was so loud.

You remember when I said that he was the twin this never DIDN'T have a girlfriend.

Well right now his present one was over, and now I understand why the music was so loud. He'd need all the noise he could get to cover up all the noise she was making.

I blushed a deep scarlet, and quickly closed the door.

That was something I NEVER wanted to see again. I could have gone my life without seeing that. My body shuddered as if it agreed with me. I quietly walked down stairs and out my front door; I really needed to get out of the house now.

I decided to go to the park by the lake, and just relax.

I slowly walked down the street; taking my time, and thinking about my life.

My life wasn't exiting, nor was it really boring. My family was one of the richest ones, but we weren't snobby either. We were fairly normal except we had a huge mansion, we had butlers, and maids... ok that doesn't make me sound normal in the tiniest bit, but you get my point right?

Well I may not have realized it in all my thinking, but I was almost to the park. When I arrived I realized how many people were staring, my cloths made me look Goth or emo, so naturally people stare at others that look majorly different.

Can't say I blame them; I would have stared at me too.

I sat down on a bench, and basically stared off into space. There was nothing really TO do. The bench that I was sitting on was very close to the road, so it was really no surprise that I heard a car pulling up.

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