::8:: The Need to Pee

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I felt...I don't know how I felt. I was comfortable were I was. I could have been there forever, just sleeping. I was so content. It was a weird feeling. I hadn't felt like that for such a long time.

The light was bright in my eyes, and I wasn't totally ready to be forced awake just yet. Unfortunately when I went to turn over to cover my eyes I fell off the bed in a tangled mess. It took me about ten minutes to get free of my cocoon enough so that I could sit up.

My dream and my visitor suddenly came rushing back to me. I picked and looked at the edge of my bed. If I sat up a little bit farther I would be able to see who it was. My heart sped up a bit from the excitement at the thought that I would be able to see who held me through the night when I cried.

I sat up a bit more straight, and stretched my neck trying to see. No one was there. Greeeaaat, now I was going insane. Just what I wanted after being kidnapped. Then I noticed a necklace on the nightstand by my bed. The nightstand was on the side that I had imagined someone coming in and held me. That was not my necklace.

The necklace was a flat circle piece of stainless steel with a sunflower carved into it. It looked strikingly girly, but any guys could wear it if they got enough courage. In the background was the word pride. And it had a whole bunch of things that have pride. Pride of youth, pride in family, pride in yourself, pride in the one you love, pride in work, all these were scratched into a tiny piece of metal with a sunflower in the middle.

Whoever was with me last night had this necklace, took it off to sleep, and just forgot it. Maybe I wasn't going insane just yet. Suddenly I got curious and put the necklace on. If the person wanted it back they'd have to come up and ask me, because not only would I figure out who it was, but I also loved this necklace.

I glanced around my room and pulled open the closet and pulled on some random purple shirt. I grabbed a pair of blue jean shorts, and combed my hair. I spun around once in front on the mirror they had placed on my dresser. I was back to my normal tan color, but still looked small and not completely healthy.

In checking myself over I was unprepared for any knocking that there might be on the door. So when a sharp rapping noise did sound, I screamed. The door opened and Ryan peeked his head in. "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to scare the crap out of you. I just wanted to see if you were hungry."

I grinned brightly. "Of course I'm hungry! Its breakfast time isn't it?"

He smiled and nodded. "Well come on then!" He held the door open as I walked out. The hallways were getting more familiar now, and I knew the general direction in which we were heading. Still there was no way I could get there all by myself.

"You know, even though he would never admit it, you scared the crap out of Tyson." Ryan finally said as we walked down the empty hall.

I turned my gaze over on him disbelievingly. "How so? Tyson wouldn't care if I fell and broke my arm."

Ryan shook his head. "He's had someone die on him before. But that's his story to tell, if he can," Ryan added looking over at me. "You seriously looked dead when we came to give you guys food. You were all curled up on Tyson, and breathing very shallow. I could tell that Tyson was fighting to not have a panic attack." Ryan chuckled. "As soon as we got in there he basically threw you at me and ran to his closet."

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