::28:: Plan C

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"Tyson, there's no need to get so frustrated. It's not like you're the only one who can't get a hold of her." I snapped back at him. His frustraion was getting harder and harder to put up with. And I wasn't the only one who was finding myself closer and closer to ripping off his head and feeding it to the plants as fertilizer.

He just ploped himself down on the couch, and burried his face in his hands. His brown hair was a bit messy, and he only made it worse as he began to run his fingers through his hair.

"Maybe I should just give up. If it's this hard maybe I'm just not supposed to see her again." Tyson sighed. I will admit, even though he's been pissing me off lately, that hearing him say those words was  almost heart aching. None of us wanted to hear him say that no matter how sassy he's been lately.

"Oh no. I am not letting you go down that road," I scowled at him. "You may be becoming incredibly sassy and hard to work with, but there's no way in heaven or hell that you're getting off the hook that easy. We will find that girl, and you will tell her all the naughty things you want to do to her!  I swear that we get a hold of Sparkle Unicorn if it's the last thing we do!" I lifted my foot up onto the coffee table and raised my glass of Sprite into the air.

"Draesen get your dirty feet off of the table, and go wash them. Some people eat off that, and I'll pretend that I didn't just hear what you just said." Ryan's voice suddenly came from behind me, causing me to jump and spill some of the soda on my shirt.

I turned around and glared at him in the eyes. Then I lifted my glass so he could see it. "Look at what you made me do. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself," I gestured at my now sticky t-shirt. It was hard to keep the blush from spreading onto my face to get my point across. "I'm going to go plot with Jade now. You get him to get a hold of himself." I muttered to Ryan as I walked past him.

"Will do, Boss. By the way, I'm sorry about your spazz. you didn't look too bad until you got all sticky." He called out to my back.

My face somehow managed to heat up that much more, and I was greatful that even my ears were cover by my long hair. I had to get out of there before Ryan saw the effect he was having on my face.

After stepping into my 'just in case' closet and changing my shirt, I went straight into finding Jade. This had gone on long enough. It was time for us to seriously intervine. And to get this over with, it would probably invlove Jade and I going out and getting second jobs.

We needed to find a way to track Alli down to give Tyson a chance. He probably wouldn't be as bad if  it was just his cold feet that were stopping him, but Alli's father seems to have all but removed her from this earth. 

And that was why Jade and I were about to go James Bond on this shit.

"Could you stop staring at me while I read? It's getting kind of creepy." I sighed and looked up from my book yeat again to see my new bodygaurd staring at me.

"I can't. I'm bored. You don't do anything exciting, so the only way to keep myself entertained is to bother you." He yawned and readjusted himself in the neon green bean bag chair in my room that he claimed his while he was watching over me.

"You could always quit and go do something more entertaining." I rolled my eyes. He may be older than me by two years, but he needed to be constantly entertained like a four year old.

"Hey, why did you never ask me for my name?" He asked, completely ignoring my comment.

"I figured that I could get rid of you right away, so I never saw the need." I muttered into my book. It was true. I thought that he would have given up by now, seeing as I'm not really allowed to go anywhere anyway. And I was still hoping that any second now he would storm out of my room and quit because this job was a waste of his time.

"Well then, since I don't think I'll be quitting anytime soon, I'll tell you that my name is Matt and, lucky for you, I'm still single." He winked playfully at me. I had to do my best to keep from blushing, because that would give him some sort of feeling of victory.

"I'm not interested in a twenty year old who babysits for a living, much less babysits me for a living. Could you imagine what my friends would say?" I gave him the best fake horrified expression I could manage, and then began to file my nails with my imaginary filer.

"No, Babe, please give me a chance," He crawled towards me on his knees, and folded his hands pleadingly as he stared up at me. "I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" I asked, putting a finger to my lip and looked up like I was considering it.


I looked down at him with a michevious smirk on my face. "Well, Matty-boy, looks like I might be able to put up with you for a while."

"Yes! That's all I was hoping for!" For a second I thought I saw some dark emotion flash through Matt's eyes before it disapeared, and he began to try and make a plan for a 'date'.

I still was thinking about everyone else. I wanted to see them. I wanted to see them really bad. You know, when I was kidnapped all I wanted to do was get to come home again. But now that I've found that I have no home anymore, all I want to do is be kidnapped again.

Is it really so weird?

Matt continued talking, but I wasn't listening anymore. I just nodded absentmindedly as he prattled on about something and nodded whenever I felt him coming to a stop.

Instead my mind wandered to Tyson. I didn't want to, but my thoughts were becoming constantly clouded by him. What did he want to say to me? What was this aching feeling in my chest whenever I thought of him?

Whatever it was; it was uncomfortable, and I wish it woud stop.

 For some reason my mind flashed to a time when I asked my mom what love felt like. She had described it as a warm, strong, and sad feeling. She said that if you really loved someone that you would e willing to do anything as long as they were to smile for you.

That of course was followed by my brother and I pledging to never love anyone, becuase girls/boys had cooties.

Yeah, it was a long time ago.

Thoughts of my childhood were beginning to make me feel rather meloncoly. I hadn't gotten to really talk to Preston because he went to go live with our mom. My guess was that he kind of sensed what was going to happen if he stayed, and wanted to get the heck out of there before he became trapped, too.

Damn that idiot.

I know what you're thinking; 'WHAT TWO CHAPTERS IN ONE DAY? THIS IS MADNESS!' Yeah well I felt incredibly ashamed about the previous chapter (but it had to be done) so I thought to myself: "Yo, I can do the next one right now and probably get it done." 

and BOOM that's how babies are made. >:3

Nah, just kidding.

But seriously you guys better be ready because I'm about to cram quite a few chapters into the next two weeks (hopefully) before I leave on a plane to Japan.

Shit's about to get real.


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