Into You ~ Part 6 {Jackson FF}

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For once the two of you were finally bonding but now look is Jackson clearly finding your friendship completely worthless. Luckily your roommate arrived making you to walk over to her car. She smiled and stepped out of the car.

"Look who came to save the day!!!" She says excitedly. "Thank god, I can't be around him any longer." You said annoyed got in the car. You knew right after that comment your roommate was probably going to

"What?! You guys still haven't gotten along after spending some time with each other?" Your roommate asks looking at you and Jackson. "Well we were bonding but someone over here got mad at me over something stupid," Jackson says causing you to look at him and give him a death glare.

"It's not a stupid reason! I don't like fucking liars and you're a liar." You said and your roommate continued to stare down at the two of you. She's probably wondering what the hell happened, but who cares at this point.

"Well... Before we head home, I have a new tire for Jackson," your roommate says walked over to her trunk and not caring about Jackson and his stupid tired you just got in your roommate's car and waited for your roommate to finish doing what she had to do.

You just wanted to go home.


At last you arrived back the dorms feeling energyless. You sat down on your bed feeling your eyes slowly close on their own. You were planning to go straight to sleep, but you felt sandy after the day at the beach. You grabbed your shower towel and the first thing you did was hit the shower. While showering you couldn't help but to think of the moment you and Jackson had. Why did Jackson have to do something to ruin the moment. Why did he lie? If only Jackson was someone else... If only he was someone who didn't play with girls and use them for his own use. If only he wasn't such a fuckboy then maybe it would've been okay to like him.

Not that you like him...

SHIT! You like him.. Do you? Ugh you don't know anymore.. When you guys were both alone he seemed so different. He didn't seem like the Jackson you would see when he's with his friends. He was more calm, funny, charming, and such a cute dork...

No no no no! You let the water hit your face and you blinked a couple of times and shook your head hoping some common sense will kick in.

Maybe you're just really tired that's why you are talking the way you are..


The next day your day went by smoothly. You had your mind focused on your classes and didn't see Jackson anywhere. It was better this way, however you would be lying if you were to say you didn't think about Jackson at least once.. But you tried your best to ignore the thought of Jackson even though every time you would see anything beach related that's the first person you thought of..

"Are you going to the Toxic Rave?" Jaebum asks you as he wraps his arm around your shoulder. You glanced at his arm around your neck and then glanced up at him.

"Toxic Rave?" you asked trying to see if you could may recall the name, but nothing. "Yeah, they always throw it once a year here at the campus. It's usually outdoors, there's music, flashing lights and of course drinks." Jaebum says smirking as he is hinting to come and enjoy your college experience.

You were about to reject his offer but why would you do that? You're always studying and working your butt off to get good grades and pass, sometimes fun is what you need.

"Sounds like fun, I'm so in." you responded smiling and a huge smile spread across his face.

"Perfect, by the way there is a guy that I want you to meet. I think you and him would get along very well," Jaebum says moving his eyebrows up and down. You stopped and just stared at him dumbfounded.

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