Into You ~ Part 5 {Jackson FF}

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"Different people awaken different beast in you."

Summary: Jackson the guy who's known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.



"We have a problem..." Jackson says getting back in the car and at this point you wanted to scream and cry but an idea popped in your head. "It's okay we can just call my roommate," you said pulling out your phone.

But just as you pulled out your phone, your phone suddenly dies. "Shit my phone died, where's your phone?" you asked Jackson.

He patted down his pockets and his eyes widen.

"Um... Kind of forgot it?" he said and your mouth dropped.



You couldn't help but to start panicking. "What kind of idiot goes to the wrong beach first of all," you barked out of anger and annoyance as you got out of the car. "It's my fault, I get it but calm down it's not a big deal." Jackson says getting out the car and following behind you.

"It's not a big deal!?" You solded and began to laugh like a crazy person. At this point you might have possibly lost your mind. Cross possibly, you have lost your mind. "Are you kidding me?! How the hell is anyone supposed to know we are stuck here abandoned with no damn cellphone!?" You shouted throwing your hands up in the air loosing all the hope you had in the world.

He just shakes his head and doesn't say anything after that. "And now you're planning to be quiet?" you asked crossing your arms completely frustrated and annoyed. "You know what, I don't feel like arguing. Let's just enjoy the beach right now and then later worry about leaving here later." Jackson says calmly and for some reason the more Jackson seems to be calm about the situation, the more you got frustrated and annoyed.

"WHAT!?" you yelled annoyed with his response and he just continues to stare at you and not say a single word or fight back.

"Fine, I'll enjoy my time here, you however can walk back to the dorms if you like, be my guest." Jackson says walking over to his trunk of the car and grabs a towel, speakers and a volleyball.

You were about to continue complaining but what was the point? Complaining wasn't going to get you anywhere.. Right? Plus Jackson did have a point, we should enjoy our time at the beach before worrying about how to get back to the dorms. You grabbed your bag and Jackson looked at you. "Fine, I guess you have a point. We might as well enjoy our time while we are here," you said and a huge grin spread across Jackson's face.

"Perfect, and this way we can to know each other more," Jackson says and all you could do was just shrug. "Yeah I guess," you responded and followed behind him entering the beach.

As soon as you were in front of the sand, you took off your sandals and slowly placed your feet in the sand scared that the sand was going to be extremely hot. You glanced at Jackson who was already walking in the sand without a problem which helped you move your feet faster to the sand. You walked your way and followed behind him again and stopped at a perfect spot and laid your towel down as Jackson did the same.

You looked at Jackson and noticed him taking off his shirt and shorts leaving him in nothing but his swimming trunks. You couldn't help but to look down at his body and admire how he's in shape... Jackson is cute and in shape, no wonder girls throw themselves at him... What are you saying!? You been so busy admiring Jackson and how fit he was, you forgot you were staring at him till..

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