Day 1. Elsword and Add

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"What the absolute fuck is this?" The only response to Add's question was loud, way too excited laughter. Elsword's feet thundered down the stairs, his giddiness clearly showing. In a few seconds, a record time, Elsword was next to Add, both of them staring at... that.

"I'm in the holiday spirit, and you need to get in it too, so..." His voice was edged with a tone of uncontrollable ecstacy. He looked at Add with a grin.

"So you got this." Both pairs of eyes looked back at the pear tree with a partridge bird. It was horribly large, taking up almost half of the El-Gang's living room and honestly, Add was pretty damn sure that the bird was shitting in the tree.

Pretty sure, yeah.

"As much as I appreciate the gesture," Add started, carefully not to step on Elsword's feelings. "Why, oh god, why?"

Elsword leaned in close to his boyfriend, his warm breath tickling Add's neck. The Diabolic Esper sucked in a sharp breath, because fuck, this situation was hot. His hands started to become clammy, his heart racing slightly and all Add wanted to do was to slam Elsword against the wall. The Infinity Sword's lips brushed Add's ear.

"First day of Christmas, loser."


hello !! i'm back!

up until the day of xmas, i'm going to be posting one shots everyday! though they're going to be short, so more like drabbles!

merry early Christmas, masamunematsuokas

ily dude.

okay! see you all tomorrow!

Signing out,


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