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Arguments by prncessawesomeness
Argumentsby Glitch
Fanfiction. Elsword. Need I say more?
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The Second Survivor (An Ara x Reader Story) by WinterWolf1377
The Second Survivor (An Ara x Ōkami Amaterasu
As far as anyone knows, there was only one true survivor of the attack on Fahrmann. Ara Haan is that survivor and she is the last living survivor from that fateful attac...
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The Heritor of Illipia by WinterWolf1377
The Heritor of Illipiaby Ōkami Amaterasu
This is a sequel so if you haven't read The Second Survivor, it would be pretty cool if you did. Now on to the description... Zhu is gone, his mother is alive, a...
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Elsword One-Shots by LawlTam
Elsword One-Shotsby tam
This is just a collection of One-Shots from the MMORPG Elsword! I will be taking requests!
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Ara reacts to Ships! by -Ara_Haan-
Ara reacts to Ships!by Ara Haan
Basically it's all in the title! XD I'll just be reacting to different ships! (YOU CAN COMMENT SHIPS YOU WANT ME TO REACT TO, AS WELL!!) -COPYRIGHT NOTICE: I DO NOT OWN...
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Promise Me by Xatari
Promise Meby Xatari
Friendship since birth normally breaks. But not for Ara and Chung. But one certain silver haired girl can break it. Ara and Chung are best friends who made a marriage p...
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Chasing A Mirage by Arahaan
Chasing A Mirageby Brajesh Singh
This is my first poetry collection on wattpad. The title poem is Chasing a Mirage. This poem depicts the moribund life of people and their desire of the things which are...
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Please Let Me Warm You Up by Pepperthecatdog
Please Let Me Warm You Upby Pepperthecatdog
Add was being unusually cold to Ara. You see Add and everyone else pretty much knew Ara had taken a liking to him. After Add shunned away Ara, she calls in her Plan B. A...
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Kitty boy Vs. Fox girl (elsword fanfic) by KANekIII-KuNN
Kitty boy Vs. Fox girl (elsword Pervy McShady
Add and ara have an argument over wether foxes are better than cats
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Elsword: Uprising by Seilahn
Elsword: Uprisingby Seilahn
**Most likely updated everyday*** Just as Elrios started recovering from the demon outbreak, there's a rumor that their morale had been boosted once more which will caus...
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What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger (Discontinued Version) by BlackCrowRedRose
What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You BlackCrowRedRose
Add and Ara both like each other, but they don't know it. Before their relationship even has a chance to start, Ara is called weak by the El Gang and is heartbroken. Eve...
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I'll get to you soon.. by CherKumia
I'll get to you WaltWrites
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The Elsword crack story by Phyrnn
The Elsword crack storyby Susanna
The story about our dear mary sue- I MEAN amazing beautiful elgirl Ellena Mozzarella Bananarama.
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The Name of Ara by Light15XV
The Name of Araby Light15XV
When destiny forces you to make a decision, there is a sacrifice that will change you forever. Just a normal life for Ara, but something unravels the secret that only he...
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Listen To Your Heart by MiyaDreamLight
Listen To Your Heartby MiyaDreamLight
We can still be friends right? Ara Haan is the biggest nerd of the school. Many people forgot that she even exists. One day, a rumor about a popular idol is coming to th...
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Wolf and Fox by Kennshi
Wolf and Foxby Amai Koe
Cover photo from: I dunno, I started this before the release of the last Hamel dungeon cut-s...
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Elsword•Forced Marriage by SummerAkagi
Elsword•Forced Marriageby Kaochan
Ara Haan's elder brother, Aren was ill and they didn't have much money to pay the hospital. Ara tried looking for a job for her brother's sake. Unfortunately, she wasn't...
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Add x Ara Two shot by Cookieshu236
Add x Ara Two shotby Alina
My feelings doesn't matter. No matter how much I get hurt I will always hide it.... otherwise you will notice it. And if you notice you will get worried and stop smillin...
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