Pillow Fort: Ara x Elesis

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Ara - Yama Raja

Elesis: Blazing Heart


I cursed under my breath as I struggled to unlock to door, my key jiggling in the lock. A few moments later, I burst through the door happily, until I came across the sight before me.

Dozens of pillows were stacked next to each other, blankets hanging from one end of the couch to the door, with bright colours and an almost fairy-light glow came from within. A smile crept up my lips, as I knew who was behind all of this.

"Elesis?" I drawled out, carefully stalking towards the fragile tent. I was greeted by silence. Rolling my eyes, I repeated her name, loudly enough to make it echo throughout the house.

"Ara?" A small voice chimed from the fort. "Y-you're early!" Hiding my giggle, I stared at the mess.

"Yeah, Elsword let me off today. Said he wanted to me to have sometime off. Told me I worked my ass too hard." I simply stated, crossing my arms and shifting my weight to one leg and raising a brow at the little building.

"Yeah, my 'lil bro's pretty chill." She laughed from the fort.

"So, uh, will you let me in this fort of yours?" I teased, a smirk making it's way on my face.

"Oh! Yeah, uh, only people who know the password can enter." She finally poked her head through the blanket, her crimson eyes staring at mine. Once again, I rolled my eyes.

"Well okay, what's the password then?" I said impatiently, narrowing my eyes at her. Instantly, she guffawed, disappearing into her fort.

"Yeah, nice try!"

"Elesis, I am basically the God of Hell. There is nowhere I cannot go, now just let me access the other half of my living room so I can watch Staying With The Seikers!" I shouted, practically fuming by now. From the other side of the fabric, I heard my girlfriend sigh.

"Fine. I'll give you hints. Okay, number 1: you love them. Number 2: they're pretty darn cute. And number 3: they're god damn fan-fucking-tastic."

"Uh, let's see, Mom?" I said, pondering after a few moments. smiling as I heard her groan. "Elesis?"

The blanket was pulled open, my redheaded babe grinning widely, throwing herself at me. After she had finally calmed down, I took a seat beside her, plopping myself on the velvet cushion and stared at her.

"So, what's the point of this fort?" I questioned as I looked around the inside of the well made tent.

"Duh! To make a fort! Isn't that obvious?" My girlfriend rolled her eyes at me, clearly making me seem like an idiot.

"Gosh, why am I even dating you?" I playfully asked, snickering at her bewildered face. But then it lit up and beamed at me.

"Because." With that, she stuck out her index finger and created a small flame, lighting up the tent slightly and making the shadows dance across the fabric. I watched with fascination, even though I had seen this trick so many times. The way the flames moved so freely and carelessly, looking absolutely beautiful, yet extremely deadly when provoked. I then took a glance at Elesis, who had fun switching the flame between her fingers. If I thought more and more about it, I realize Elesis herself is like fire, completely free and open. I smiled dreamily at her.

"Hey 'Lesis. How did you know you wanted to be become a Blazing Heart?" I wondered out loud, staring into her crimson eyes as she pondered silently.

"Well, I guess I've always had a fascination with fire. I mean, as a kid, when my job classes were described to me, I knew I wanted to be the Blazing Heart. I mean, swords are cool, but you're basically useless if the enemy disarms you, right? And for the other choice, well, losing most of my sanity doesn't really please me. And fire. I mean, I have two weapons, fire and my Claymore. But if I am disarmed, or there's a surprise attack, I can still use my power to defend myself, right? So yeah, I mean, I'm really glad I became what I am." She explained, staring distractedly at the flames in her hand, making it grow and and reduce in size and switching it between her fingers.

"Deep. As. Fuck." I snorted, covering my face as Elesis rolled her eyes and the fire grew bigger without her consent. Luckily, nothing was caught ablaze as she extinguished it, leaving a small puff of ashes in the air.

As we talked into the night about various subjects, ranging from how obvious Elsword is totally head over heals for Chung and Add, or how Eun makes my outfit look like shit sometimes, which she responded to with a wide array of various colourful words. Elesis rambled about how Aisha quickly extinguishes her flames when she's training and how Rena wouldn't let her light one of her arrows on fire and shoot it at a dummy covered in gasoline, or how Ciel always offers Elsword 2 cookies, yet when she politely asks, he refuses to give her another one.

"You know what? I actually think Eve and Add are cousins. I mean, I know that it's impossible, as she's a Nasod, but like, wouldn't that be so cool?"

"Yeah-huh. Also, I saw Lu sneaking off with someone last night. I don't know, I saw her leaving a club with someone, but I drove by too quickly to see who her player 2 was."

"What? No way. I mean, I don't– how could she– no! But besides, isn't Aisha and her dating already? Who knows, maybe it was her!"

"Wow. Since when were we gossip bitches?" Elesis snorted unattractively, making me burst out laughing. This triggered a chain reaction, and before we knew it, two college girls were giggling hysterically on the floor, surrounded by blankets and pillows and a small lamp that illuminated our faces in an unflattering lighting.

"Fuck." Elesis grumbled, making me raise an eyebrow at her. Checking her watch, she let out a long string of curses under her breath, clearly panicking.

"What?" I asked after a few moments of watching my girlfriend trying to pull her hair out and pacing (or as close as taking two steps in a confined space over and over again gets) around in the teeny fort that she made.

"I have classes tomorrow, and I was supposed to wake up at 6!" She shrieked, staring at me, in desperate need of help.

"It's fine, it's only . . . 4 . . . am . . . " I quietly muttered. Panic washed over both of us. Wide-eyed, we started to clean the room.

"You know what? Fuck it. Yolo. Let's just sleep in the fucking tent, because who gives a shit?" Elesis stated, bags forming under her crimson eyes as she grabbed a blanket and curled on the couch, a sheet draping over her. I sat beside her, leaning my head on hers, which was placed on my shoulder.

But as I started to drift off, I could've sworn I heard something.

"I love you."

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