Naps: Add x Elsword

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Add: Diabolic Esper
Elsword: Infinity Sword

Elesis: Blazing Heart
Rena: Wind Sneaker
Eve: Code Nemesis
Chung: Tactical Trooper
Ara: Asura
Aisha: Dimension Witch
Raven: Blade Master
Lu: Noblesse
Ciel: Royal Guard


I sat up from the couch, yawning with sighs full of fatigue and stretching in hopes of ridding myself of the drowsiness of my previous nap. When I looked to my side, I almost jumped out of my skin and shrieked in shock. Beside me, Add was snoring quietly, curled up in a small ball and covered with a white blanket. His chest rose up and down with every breath he took, his body shifting every moment or so, his face snuggled on my lap.

Well fuck.

A hungry, athletic teenager, stuck with his crazed boyfriend that was currently sleeping in a position where he cannot get out without waking up the crazed boyfriend.

This is definitely not what I needed after waking up.

Footsteps bounced down the stairs, which made my attention flicker to the redheaded girl that was dressed to go out and kill monsters. Elesis stopped in her tracks as she processed the scene in front of her. Hmm, her baby brother in an unfortunate position with his boyfriend, where she could easily help him. . . Gee, I bet she wouldn't be able to tease me at all.

I'm even sarcastic in my thoughts, that's just how positive I am.

Elesis cracked a grin as she rummaged through her purse for her phone, finally finding the electronic device and snapping a picture of this.

Glaring at her, I grabbed my own phone and texted her.

Elsword (10:43 am): Help me, would you?

Her phone chimed, which made her look at it in curiosity before her  grin stretched even farther. Her eyes connected with mine and she shook her head, making me reply to that action with a look that said 'bitch-why-I-didn't-do-nothing-to-hurt-you-help-out-your-little-brother'. She shook her head once more, pointing to her own phone then at mine. I glanced back at it.

Elesis (10:45 am): nah, loser. dis ur bf, get yo ass outta this mess.

I rolled my eyes before looking at her again, glaring at her as she ate an apple happily, as if taunting me. My fingers flew over my phone as I typed rapidly.

Elsword (10:47 am): At least get me something to eat?

Elesis (10:48 am): nah fam. ur on ur own. c:

I summoned a sword from thin air and launched it at her with the snap of my fingers. Quick as a cat, she conjured a wall of fire to eradicate my magical weapon. The sound of water evaporating filled the air, the sound of my sword vanishing. As the flames distinguished, Elesis was dancing in glee, her back at me as she raised both of her middle fingers and made small flames swirl over her skin. I rolled my eyes at her childish actions before I felt Add stirring in his sleep, making small noises. Elesis noticed this too as her eyes trailed to the albino teen in curiosity.

Just when I thought Add was going to wake up and free me from this prison, he let out a quiet yawn and returned to snoring. My breathing regulated a bit before I heard more footsteps from the stairs. I glanced and noticed green hair. Fuck.

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