Day 2. Elesis and Ara

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"Ara? Are you home already?" Elesis' voice rung out from the bedroom of the apartment we shared. I took off my shoes uneasily, the worried tone of Elesis scaring me slightly.

"Uh, yeah. My class was cancelled. What's up?" I called back to her, walking to where I thought she would be.

"Nothing, it just–" She laughed nervously and coughed with an a bit of awkwardness. "I'm up."

I stifled a giggled. "What? You're up?"

"Yeah, I got into a situation." I made my way, following her voice and avoiding the clutters of clothes piled on the floor. When I made it to our bedroom, whatever I laid my eyes on made me burst into laughter.

"See, I–I was trying to fix our light, and– and then the–the ladder fell, so I– yeah." Elesis sighed. "And now I'm just kinda... chilling up here, I guess."

My 22 year old girlfriend, that masters the ability of fire, is stuck on a light fan. This is a picture perfect moment.

I quickly grabbed my phone and before she can even say Lick my ass, the picture was already up online.

"So, are you going to help me down?"


"What? Why?!"

"Day two of December, sucker."


almost forgot this one.

Signing out,


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