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When the El Search Party meets Laby by GM_Selene_Labyrinth
When the El Search Party meets Labyby Selene {Lureilsha}
The title speaks for itself.
Female Characters x Reader by MexicanFriedRice
Female Characters x Readerby MexicanFriedRice
-This is solely for female characters. -The reader can be both male or female it's friendly for both genders -I don't plan on taking requests, you can try to request s...
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Snowflake Memories by Jassmxnee_
Snowflake Memoriesby Jasmine 🧸
El City, an island set away from ordinary humans. Isolated, yet filled with many citizens of Magic wielders. El High School is home to one of the most powerful student g...
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Demonic Duo (Highschool DxD) by CMatou
Demonic Duo (Highschool DxD)by CMa
((This story and various elements belong to me. I don't own Elsword or Highschool DxD. They're owned by their respective franchises.)) In the world of the Supernatural...
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A Broken Soul  by Red_Snow_King
A Broken Soul by Yuuri Yakumo
y/n's was abused and neglected by his family in vale after years of being in his HELL called home.running away from home, he accidentally fall on a portal from a differe...
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Elsword [One-shots] by Akaitan
Elsword [One-shots]by Aku
Various characters x reader, and character x character one shots.
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•[Grind The Gears]•M!Reader x Wakfu by BraggSK
•[Grind The Gears]•M!Reader x Wakfuby Braggski
'The world is like a series of gears inside of a large clock. You can try and try again to master its design, only to find yourself back at square one. Most people, most...
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→ 100 Word Challenge by remrins
→ 100 Word Challengeby 「レビ」
Self-explanatory. Cover credits: @visualhoon
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Elsword Lemon Shipping 2 by slyzeke101
Elsword Lemon Shipping 2by Zeke
Whelp, Since KOG Games offically made the 3rd Jobs for the Elgang, I decided to make a sequel!
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Elsword: Add x Rena- Stronger Than You by Dragonwindes
Elsword: Add x Rena- Stronger Than...by Dragon!~
Lunatic Psyker always gets his win one way or another, "Already giving in? Now isn't that entertaining, pathetic like the rest." A challenger finally come up...
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Short Stories by Keaana
Short Storiesby Keaana
A collection of short stories I have written. ~.~.~ Enjoy!
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Keeping Him Prideful (An Add x Reader Story) by WinterWolf1377
Keeping Him Prideful (An Add x Rea...by Ōkami Amaterasu
This is another Add x reader story. Of course the Add in the story has a different path too. I wonder if you can guess which one. Anyways... What if the El Search Party...
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Yandere Elsword Boys x Male Reader Oneshots by bunnieboo2003
Yandere Elsword Boys x Male Reader...by bunnieboo2003
Just Oneshots of the Elboys going crazy over you (I don't own Elsword; Elsword belongs to KOG) (Art belongs to their respective artists) (First time writing so don't be...
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What Love Brings by Yazumiya
What Love Bringsby Yuu
One day in school, Add bumps into a shy girl named Eve. Eve just transferred into school and she bumps into the most feared boy in school: Add. What will happen after th...
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you know by Niyuko
you knowby Niyuko
la vida para issei jamas fue facil, siendo ignorado por sus padres a favor de su hermana, es entrenado por alguien. a la tierna edad de 6 años, issei cambia su nombre y...
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--Elsword: Amor triple-- by Red-Kyun
--Elsword: Amor triple--by Red
--La historia gira en torno a Elsword y sus tres hermanas trillizas. Elsword es un chico lindo amable y responsable de preparatoria y sus tres hermanas comienzan a desar...
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Ara reacts to Ships! by -Ara_Haan-
Ara reacts to Ships!by Ara Haan
Basically it's all in the title! XD I'll just be reacting to different ships! (YOU CAN COMMENT SHIPS YOU WANT ME TO REACT TO, AS WELL!!) -COPYRIGHT NOTICE: I DO NOT OWN...
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Runaway Musicians by CrimsonReaper062
Runaway Musiciansby BrokenMusic
~Number #2 for AddxEve~ Lu and Eve are famous musicians and they sing as a duo. Everything was fine until they're boss was trying to force them to marry these other famo...
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The strength of Ara by Dark118
The strength of Araby MysticGumiho ♥
Primero que nada, los personajes no me pertenecen solo la historia~ El grupo de elsword ya estaba completo ahora solo quedaba enfrentarse a todos los enemigos que venían...
Add X Eve Elsword Fanfic by Akaitan
Add X Eve Elsword Fanficby Aku
Normal day. But this day isn't so normal now, is it? Add and Eve's relationship is rapidly growing, but just how much will Add risk to see Eve safe? (Kinda OOC... a bit)
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