Lost: Lu x Eve x Aisha

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Lu: Noblesse
Aisha: Dimension Witch
Eve: Code Empress

Add: Mastermind
Elsword: Rune Slayer
Chung: Iron Paladin

Rena: Grand Archer
Raven: Reckless Fist
Ciel: Dreadlord

Elesis: Blazing Heart
Ara: Yama Raja

"You sure, Elboy?"

The mentioned swordsman rolled his eyes, flicking the older girl's forehead. "Yes, Shorty. I brought Add and Chung there last year, they fucking flipped their shit for it, and that would've been great if my fucking sister didn't stalk me and crash the date." The redhead shivered at the memory, cringing.


"Yeah! Dude, they looked pretty damn impressed." The mental image of Lu and Eve's eyes sparkling with joy at the sight of Aisha bringing them to a fancy restaurant for their anniversary, that was what convinced her. She nodded excitedly, Elsword reaching into his pocket and giving the restaurant's business card to the witch.

She turned to walk away, but was met with Oberon, who looked down at her from his height.

"Would you like me to drive you?"

"No!" Aisha was instantly offended by the Nasod, he was implying that he could conduct her and her girlfriends to somewhere better than she can, how un-romantic!


"So, where are we going exactly?" Lu piped up after roughly 30 minutes of being in the car, driven by the Dimension Witch, notoriously known as the worst-driver-of-all-history. It's a real thing, search it up in the El-tionnary. The demon was met with an unsettling silence, Aisha driving slowly. They can all feel the air becoming slight colder, though the sun was shining brightly in the sky and not a cloud to be seen. An irregular scent filled the vehicle. Eve sniffed the air.

"Salt. . . water?" The three sets of eyes scanned their surroundings until Lu spotter a wooden sign with old carvings engraved in it.

"Lurensia Beach..," She turned back to the witch. "Hey, weren't we supposed to go to a restaurant or something?"

Aisha tensed up. She scratched the back of her neck awkwardly, refusing to meet her girlfriends' gazes.

"Well, uh, I might've, um, gotten lost?" Her statement came out as more of a question that was met with groans. The Nasod Empress sighed, patting her girlfriend's head reassuringly as she called for Oberon.

"Mistress... I-I'm quite busy at the moment.." Eve scowled and argued with him. Lu also contacts Ciel, but the latter was, apparently, making cookies.

"Get Add on the line." Eve finally snapped at Oberon, who whimpered from the other side.


"We're lost."

"...Yes, and?"

"Find us," Eve sighed in exasperation, looking at the bright sky. "And hurry, please."

"Can't." By that point, Eve's patience was thinning out, she was desperate for anyone to find them, hell even Elbrat would be fine, and god knows he's terrible at driving.


"You actually woke me up when you called and I'm fucking tired. I'll tell Elsword to pick you up." Before Eve could protest about that idea, the line went dead.

"Elboy's picking us up?!" Lu shouted after receiving the news from Eve. Even Aisha was upset, even more than when she was all mopey about driving her girlfriends and getting lost on their anniversary. Panic flared in their heads.

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