Day 7. Ain x Eve

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That little fucker was a cocky 'lil bastard. He's cute though, but he's a pain in her ass.

Ain strolled right into Eve's room, as if he owned the damn thing and looked at her expectantly, as if he was waiting for his queen wife to give him a royal kiss.

"You better get your ass out of here or else you won't have an ass anymore."

"Is that a threat?"

"I'm a threat to your existence." She was already opening my desk drawer, though just by a crack so that Ain couldn't see the contents inside.

"How so?" In a split second, Eve flashed him pictures that he wished would never been shown to the population. All known colour drained from his face and he tenses up pretty damn quickly. It's like he finally knew how she could fuck him up so bad, if she really wanted to.

Eve smiled at his feared expression before tucked them back into my drawer.

"H-how did you get those?!"

"Please," Eve scoffed and rolled my eyes. "I'm the Queen of Nasods, so you better watch yourself because I can get anything like that." She snapped her fingers for emphasis before exited her room.

Ain, though horrified of what Eve could do, smirked as she left. She's a bitch, but she's pretty damn hot.


bc ya asked and i kinda love you

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