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Elsword: Crónicas del Caos ║Editando errores║ by Moriko_Hirose
Elsword: Crónicas del Caos ║Editan...by NobuMori
||:. Elsword; Chaos Chronicles Project.:|| ║Se están editando algunos errores de ortografía y redacción║ Desde el punto de vista de Add, el resto de su grupo de acompa...
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Add X Eve Elsword Fanfic by Akaitan
Add X Eve Elsword Fanficby Aku
Normal day. But this day isn't so normal now, is it? Add and Eve's relationship is rapidly growing, but just how much will Add risk to see Eve safe? (Kinda OOC... a bit)
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Elsword- Add x Elesis Drabbles by xAndiya
Elsword- Add x Elesis Drabblesby Deah (de-uhh)
Some drabbles for my OTP. Be prepared for tons of typos and gammar errors. Also, the chars will be OOC( I think). Disclaimer: I do not own Elsword
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Elsword [One-shots] by Akaitan
Elsword [One-shots]by Aku
Various characters x reader, and character x character one shots.
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Grand Chase by leinn_
Grand Chaseby leinn_
The story focuses on the adventure of the Grand Chase group originally by Elesis, Lire, and Arme, who depart from the region of Bermesiah to hunt down the sorceress Kaze...
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Elsword One-Shots by LawlTam
Elsword One-Shotsby tam
This is just a collection of One-Shots from the MMORPG Elsword! I will be taking requests!
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Elrios High (An Elsword Fanfic) by WinterWolf1377
Elrios High (An Elsword Fanfic)by Ōkami Amaterasu
This is just a strange yet entertaining story about what would happen if the Elsword game characters were in highschool. Of course I didn't get this idea from that one e...
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I'll Catch You by Hi_Tam
I'll Catch Youby Tam
Elesis is almost bankupt, and needs money fast. Rena, being the rich friend she is, offers her a job for six billion ED. The only problem is the job is to be Add's serva...
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Elsword One Shots by HauntingRepulser19
Elsword One Shotsby Drk
Doesn't the title say it all
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Dying In The Darkness [ElesisxAdd] by Elesis0
Dying In The Darkness [ElesisxAdd]by Elesis x Add trash
"I could never save them. I don't deserve to stay sane, not if I cant even save one life." -Crimson Avenger "I don't wish for her to have the same fat...
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[Elsword]-Eternal Paranoia by DiabolicEsper3
[Elsword]-Eternal Paranoiaby TwistedTracer
"You think YOU own Henir? HAH! think again!" DISCLAIMER:I don't own elsword and it belongs to KOG Games
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Arguments by prncessawesomeness
Argumentsby Glitch
Fanfiction. Elsword. Need I say more?
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Trapped In The Elsword World by FlameHaze9
Trapped In The Elsword Worldby Satomi Kichida
Updated when ever possible ^^ My fan fiction Trapped inside the world of Elsword. There's no way out unless you meet the requirements. Many problems interfere with you...
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Elsword x Reader Oneshots/Fluff by httpThaiTea
Elsword x Reader Oneshots/Fluffby FizzyBubbleTea
So basically you give me a request I will do it •~• simple right??
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Elsword Oneshots by SeulgiCakeu
Elsword Oneshotsby Seulgi Park (Chauviré)
Elsword x Reader Oneshots (and maybe a couple ships)~ Updates may be slow but I'll do my best!
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[Elsword] Elstories by v-anella
[Elsword] Elstoriesby Izzy
My book surrounding the characters from the computer game Elsword! This book has oneshots, aus and shipping stories. Enjoy! [ slow updates ] Characters are not mine, the...
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--Elsword: Amor triple-- by Red-Kyun
--Elsword: Amor triple--by Red
--La historia gira en torno a Elsword y sus tres hermanas trillizas. Elsword es un chico lindo amable y responsable de preparatoria y sus tres hermanas comienzan a desar...
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Elsword: Illicit by -shanachu
Elsword: Illicitby shana
A story that fulfills the desire for young love we seek between these characters. - may or may not be re-written
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Christmas Crisis [AddxElesis] by Arryhale
Christmas Crisis [AddxElesis]by Lifeless.
Elesis finds Add sitting alone on a bench outside, while there's a crisis going on the mansion. [cover irrelevant to the story lmao]
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[Elsword] Els High by Crimsis
[Elsword] Els Highby Crimsis
The start of the story might not force on Raven and Rena but once everyone is together VABAM! Raven and Rena so hang in there Ps. Start = First 20 chaps ( they are shor...
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