Day 5. Aisha x Eve x Lu

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"I never thought that this day would come." Aisha replaced the Santa hat on her head, making it shift a bit more to the left.

"I can't believe that we're actually doing this, this is ridiculous." Eve sighed, slipping the leather gloves all the way up to her elbow, almost disgusted by what she saw in the mirror. Three short girls in highly revealing Santa-themed dresses with leather gloves and knee boots, about to execute a Jingle Bells performance that was immensely inspired by the one in Mean Girls. 

"I think this will be exciting, no?"

"No." Eve's monotonous tone made Aisha crack a giggle but she quickly covered it up with the look the Code: Nemesis gave her. The three girls, in the clothes that pressed against their frames, walked awkwardly to the center of the stage, trying not to be distracted by all the eyes wandering their bodies. 

"And for the Fifth day of December show, ladies and gentlemen, Jingle Bell Rock!"


i havent watched mean girls in forever oml 

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