Purple: Elsword x Add

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"Add!" Elsword' voice clung desperately on a single thread of hope, trying to ignore the blood spilling on his fingers and staining the soil underneath both of them. There still could be a possibility where the older one could live, but it was almost futile to even try anymore. They were too late.


"Does it even matter?" The crack in Add's voice, like he was going to cry, that's what tore Elsword the most. The dip of his voice's pitch crushed his heart like nothing else. All he wanted to do was hide, but he couldn't leave the person he loved alone. Elsword smiled weakly.

"Y-you're not gonna die on me, right?" His voice shook slightly and Elsword's fingers traced the now fragile frame of Add's face. It was so bizarre, seeing the heavily injured Lunatic Psyker, he was usually the one doing the injuring. 

"No promises, kiddo." Add's eyes were lidded halfway, the purple tint of his irises seeming to lose their color pigment. 

Then, Add's body went horribly limp. Horribly cold like all the promises they made together left his soul. Elsword couldn't see anything through the tears that collected, but all he wanted to do was see Add one last time. And it fucking hurt, so goddamn much, because he thought that they both could be happy, after all the shit they've been through. 

"Els.." His sister's voice was slightly comforting, but he didn't feel any better. He felt her warm hands on his shoulders, and he can tell that she was crying too. 

"Els, w-we need to go..."

"But Add, h-he.. so I g-gott-- please, just a.. sis, I.." Nothing more hurt Elesis than the sound of Elsword's sobs, the sound of her brother's quiet pleads to stay, even just a bit longer.

"Elsword." She says a bit firmer, but it was only a mask to hide what she was feeling on the inside. All other members of the El-Gang approached them cautiously, and there was a heavy weight of sadness on all their backs, something that would scar them for eternity. 

"He's gone.." As he says those words, the Lord Knight finally understands what's been going on. And his heart starts racing, his palms start to sweat, because this couldn't be happening to him right now, right? Add was still okay, right? All he wants to do is cry, but he can't, because the person who would usually calm him down was Add, but he wasn't there anymore and Elsword just doesn't know what to do because he depended on his significant other. 

"H-he's gone.. Gone!" Elsword repeated, a bit louder this time and before he knows it, his whole body is shaking and sobs are racking through his entire being, tears streaking down his cheeks and landing on Add's body. Something about Elsword breaking down, reaching his absolute rock bottom triggered a whole chain reaction. Soon enough, all of their limits were reached and they were all crying, because someone who they all considered family just died and they don't know what to do anymore. 


After a few months of the incident, everything had somewhat gone back to normal. Of course, there was still a room at the end of corridor that nobody dared to enter anymore, a room that nobody wanted to even look at because it hurt too much to even think about who was supposed to be there. 

Maybe they all would never recover from what happened. Perhaps they would be emotionally scared for life. 

Elsword used to think of Add when he saw the color purple. 

Now the color was simply a reminder of what used to be his. 


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okay so its very short! but its been a fucking long time since ive updated but here ya go! i just really wanted something to be out today, so please forgive me for not updating in ages!

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another reason why i havent been updating is because i started high school! yup! i started back in august! im attending the third best private school of my city, so its very competitive here! and since i do thoroughly suck in french and geography (what a coincidence that i have the same teacher for both those subjects), im trying hard to get good grades!

and theres ANOTHER reason! um, lately, i havent been playing elsword, it started WAYY back in like, may? june? somewhere along those lines, so i jsut havent had the motivation! im so sorry! 

but im back into action! request some things, if you'd like. 

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