Day 6. Sieghart Siblings

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"Elesisss!!" The Rune Slayer's whiny voice echoed all around the small apartment that they shared, and immediately, he was answered with a loud groan that resonated from the Blazing Heart's bedroom.


"I'm hungry, make me food!" Elesis appeared at Elsword's side so quickly, there were small embers around her and ash in her hair. The look on her face was absolutely murderous, just like it had been for the last week that Elsword made the same request.

"I'm going to cook you." She growled under her breath before leaving his dark room. Elsword was scared; his sister could be downright terrifying if she could be, and she definitely wanted to be feared by her younger brother.

December 6 is a special day from now on. The day where Elsword finally cooked for himself.


thought this was cute and funny.

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