Chapter 38

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I don't think I'm angry with Magnus because he kept that from me. I think it's something deeper than that. Magnus also thinks that. He left me a message saying he's stopping my the institute to talk. Jace practically threw me into the trophy case running out the door with his kids. They must have found Clary. How sweet.

As I wait for Magnus to arrive, I make myself a sandwich. Somehow in the process, I find a pair of Magnus's pink sparkly (whitey) tightys. How odd. I found them in them in the spoon drawer. Why on earth...?

Magnus walks in and hightails it over to me. He stares the the sparkly pink whitey tightys, uncomprehending.

"Alexander. Can we talk at the table?" I nod, and we sit in the velvet chairs. "Alexander. Is it quite possible that you were simply unhappy with the way I'm spending more of my time with Kay? Could it be that you were thinking about how I had created life with a woman?"

Breathing heavily, I reply "All of the above."


"Is Clarissa Lightwood here? I need to see my wife."

"Family only," I here the bitch say back. I roll my eyes in Isabelle's direction. We've been through this already.

"Okay, bitch. She's my wife. Now I suggest you let me see her, or by the angel I will-"

"Jace!" Isabelle yells at him, walking out of the room. "Lets work this out..." Simon takes my hand. Is it possible my hand is colder than his? His hand is actually very warm... Jace practically runs in with my kids, and he sits them down in a chair. He runs to my bed side and brushes the hair out of my face. "Clary," he whispers. "You're okay. You're okay..." I'm not sure if he's reassuring me or himself. I feel the warm sting of tears, streaming down my pale face. "Clary. Don't ever do that to me again. Ever." I nod, still crying. All of a sudden, Spencer stands up. I've only seen her do that maybe twice. She walks over to me- that I have never seen. Jace picks her up and places her on the bed, next to me.

"Hi, Spence." I whisper. My voice is so tired, for some unknown reason. She looks at me, with her little green eyes. Jace. Closes the door for privacy. I look at little Spencer, and her eyes roll back. "WHAT THE HELL?!" I yell. I toss Spencer post the bottom of the bed as the demon crawls out of her body. "SPENCER!" The demon crawls onto me and squeezes the air out of me. "Jace-" I manage to squeeze out. I feel my lungs failing. Isabelle, always ahead, takes her whip out.

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