Chapter Eight

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When I woke again, I simply stared at the wall of my bedroom, not knowing how I got here, and not really caring. My room was simple, it seemed. Most things had been taken out. Apparently, my parents were afraid if I had something sharp I could not only kill myself, but kill them too.

The funny thing was I would actually kill them.

They don't deserve happiness.

They took me away from what made me happy.

It just hurt too much...

They knew that, too.

They just wanted me to suffer.

That had to be the reason.

Sighing, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, but the constant footsteps outside my door kept me awake, annoying me. I cracked an eye open and glared at my large black door. What were they wanting now?

Getting out of bed, my feet went from toasty warm to cold as soon as it touched the wood and I cursed to myself.

Halfway to the door, it finally opened, only to reveal Garrett. I stopped in mid-step and looked at him, my eyes daring him to move any further.

"Star..." His voice came out soft and loving, and I had to stop myself from going to him and letting him hold me.

"Garrett." I growled out, letting my voice come out as hard as it could. He flinched, which brought a smile to my face. "Where's that skank of yours?"

"I sent her away..."

The look in his eyes only told me he wasn't kidding, but even from the way he spoke I could tell that. He wanted something. No, he needed something. "What do you want, Garrett?"

He only stared into my eyes though did nothing else. Part of me wanted to turn around and hit him really hard, but the other part of me wanted to hug him and have him hold me.

"You've been out for a week..." he said softly as he walked in and close the door behind him. I was out for a week? Strange, it really only felt like a day. "Do you remember anything that happened before your dad knocked you out in the hospital?"

I wasn't sure. Did I?

Thankfully, ranking my brain wasn't too hard, as I simply just pushed past the large cloud that had somehow kept its way there, and remembered.

Sam, and the cutting. The fear. The pain. The death.

Feeling my heart and chest constrict, I fell to my knees and closed my eyes tightly at the pain. Why did Garrett want me to remember this? Does he hate me this much?

I could feel the sparks as someone laid their hand on my shoulder and instantly I was greeted with Garrett's eyes. The emerald orbs that reminded me so much of Sam.

"Please leave.." I whimpered, pushing him away. Though, it didn't do much. I ended up landing on my back with him on me, holding me close to him. This was what I've been wanting, right? Him to hold me and love me?

My tanktop fell just a little up and I felt his hand graze my skin as he pulled it down, the sparks tingling. Please leave.... I thought to myself, wanting to cry at how weak I was feeling.

"I know what I want now Star..." he replied in a hushed tone as he picked me up from my hard wood floor and placed me onto my memory foam topped bed. Instantly I dove for my black quilt and wrapped it tightly around me, brushing a hand through my hair.

"What could you possibly want from me, Garrett?" I hissed, though my voice came out pathetic and weak.

"Will you come to Sam's funeral with me?"

The look in his eyes made my heart swell, and my own hidden love for him came out.

Don't say anything!





"I will."


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