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To say the rejection was easy would be a lie. To say I wasn't upset was also a lie. The day was a very good day for me, you see. I was turning eighteen today, there would be a huge party at my house after the football game, and I would meet my mate! That's why I dressed more worth it today.

I wore a black dress with a red, lace ribbon around my waist. My hair was down and natural to the side, and I had applied a little makeup on my face. Usually, I wore none. I wore black flats with red lace on the side that traveled up my legs and stopped in my calves, while a red lace bracelet was laced from my wrist to my elbow. I looked like someone you'd see from Egypt, or a very famous celebrity. For once, I felt like a girl. I felt pretty.

Once I had arrived at school, though, everything had began to go downhill. The man who was my mate, Garrett, was sucking off Ms. Whore's lipstick, even after he sniffed the air and saw me. Thinking he thought nothing of it, I let it slide. However once first period came and he walked gracefully in, I was proud of my mate.

I was so stupid back then; thinking everything was all fun and unicorns, still a virgin, never been to a party before. Once high school hit, though, everything had changed. People were wearing tighter and shorter clothes, more make up, girls were flashing their breasts every chance they got. It was disgusting. I was probably the only decent female left in the school, because even middle schoolers were dressing like that! Sometimes, I was ashamed of my generation.

Back to my mate, though. In the middle of my thinking, I didn't see him standing in front of me until he cleared his throat. I looked up, his six foot four figure looming over me. I could hear my wolf purring over the closeness of his wolf, and no doubt he was doing the same. His brown hair was shaggy, falling a little past those gorgeous eyes of his and I wanted to do nothing more than to kiss him until he died of suffocation.

Okay...I'm not that crazy. But, still.

"Star, we need to talk." He said, his voice sounding like velvet. I nodded, not trusting my voice. Would he be accepting me? Accepting us as mates? Ha! No. "We are never, and will never be mates. I, Garrett Perry, am rejecting you, Star West, as my mate."

What? No... No no no! Clenching my teeth, I could feel my whole body shift and change. I flashed him a forced grin, seeing the shock spread over his features. "I accept your rejection, Garret." I purred and winked, leaning back in my chair. As he simply blinked his eyes, he growled out and walked off, back to his slut.

My heart shattered one by one that day and I had to will myself to not cry, to not give him the satisfaction of seeing me hurt. I ran my hand through my hair and had pulled off my ribbon bracelet before standing up and walking towards my mate. His skank looked at me and glared, though I simply smirked.

"We're strong." My wolf told me and I nodded along with her. I wrapped my ribbon around Garrett's neck and pressed my lips close to his ear, breathing softly and melodically. "You just gave up the best thing ever, my darling little mate." I breathed in his ear, pulling away to see the hurt in his eyes, but also the apology his wolf was giving.

"I'm sorry..." I thought in my head but walked off, not before missing the love that had flashed in Garrett's eyes.

I would change, and I would make him regret leaving me. That is my rejection. That was what made me a legacy.

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