Chapter Eleven

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"...will you be my girlfriend?"

I froze, my eyes growing wide, and my mouth parting a little ways. Everyone went silent, smiling goofy like. Did I want to accept him and become tied down? I turned my head and looked at the crowd, their eyes shining with happiness, the kids all bouncing and hugging each other, and then there were my parents, shaking their heads.

Were they disappointed in me? Not wanting me to be with him? I turned back at Sam to see him staring intently, though he still had that adoring and happy look in his eyes. Smiling almost goofy like, I nodded my head yes and took the rose.

"I will." I whispered to him, smiling as he stood and wrapped his arm around my waist, placing a gentle kiss on my lips.

"I'm glad." He replied by whispering in my ear, gently nuzzling my cheek.

The crowd was all talking and laughing and I turned my head to look at Garrett when Sam pulled away, though he wasn't anywhere near here. "Everyone enjoy the food I've laid out.
Let's get this party started!" Sam called out and everyone cheered, the large group beginning to thin. "And you, come with me."

I took Sam's hand and followed him as he walked, looking around for Garrett or my parents anywhere. I could feel Sam's pulse under my fingers, smiling as it began to beat faster the longer we walked.

"You okay?" I asked and looked around as we closed to a stop. The trees had lanterns streaming down, a large quilt placed on top of the grass, with candles around it. I smiled at Sam as he pulled out a basket and turned on the lanterns, then walked around and began to light every candle.

"I'm okay, princess."

I nodded and felt him lace his fingers through mine before pulling me to the quilt and sat us down, grabbing another large quilt to lay over us.

"What's all of this for?"

"Can't I pamper you?" Sam began to pout and I felt my heart melt, knowing I made the right choice in saying yes. I smiled gently and placed the rose beside me,

Sam tilted my head towards him and looked into my eyes, a frown playing on his lips. "What's wrong?" I asked softly, biting my lip.

"You shouldn't wear contacts. Your eyes are beautiful."

I frowned lightly and turned my head, opening my eye a little to take them out. I didn't sigh, though. If Sam wanted to see the real me, I would let him. My heart began to hammer as I felt his fingers lay on my waist, and his other hand began to tilt my head towards him.

"Sam..?" I whispered, a blush forming on my cheeks as he quickly placed his lips to mine, our lips moving in sync.

After a few seconds, he pulled away, green eyes glittering with happiness. "Star..." He purred, holding me close,

"Yeah?" I whispered out, breathless.

"Will you tell me about yourself?"

"What would you like to know?"

He paused to think about it, then glanced at the necklace I wore always. "Who gave you the necklace?"

"A good friend of mine when we were kids."

"Tell me about her?"

I smiled and nodded, lacing our fingers together. "Her name was Eliza. People called us twins because we did everything together: shopped, played together, pranked people.." I turned to look at him and saw him looking at the sky, smiling. "Well, we were both six the day I got this necklace. Our parents had taken us to the mall because her birthday would be coming up soon, and mine a day later, so we would've shared our birthday party together.

"Eliza and her mom walked off to a shop full of pink things, while my mom and it walked to a hippy store. I saw the perfect bracelet for her, because it was her favourite colours. Well, after begging my mother to get it for her, we left the store and spent an hour looking for them, though we could never find them."

Pausing, I looked down at my hands to see my nails digging into my palms, and a light sigh passed my lips. Sam looked towards me and laced our fingers together. "Do you want to continue?" He asked softly, kissing the back of my hand.

I nodded and looked at one of the candles. "Eventually we did however, and my mother found them getting attacked. She shifted and had went after the guy, though it was too late. Eliza and her mother were almost dead.

"In tears, I ran to Eliza and held her, shaking, and showed her the bracelet. She gave me a smile and pulled a necklace out of her bag. 'This is for you' she told me and locked it around my neck, the blood staining the white of it. 'Love you Starry' she spoke, bringing a smile to my face with the cheesy nickname.

"I told her I loved her too, and by the time my mother arrived, they had both passed away, and I was covered in Eliza's blood. She called the cops to tell them what happened, leaving out the detail of it being a wolf who had done it..."

My voice drifted off and I looked at the necklace hat rested on my chest. "Did they ever catch him?" Sam spoke after some time, kissing my hand.


He went silent and then pulled me close, holding me tightly as my body began to shake when I realized just how much I actually did miss Eliza. "She was all I had..." I whispered in his shoulder, my eyes brimming with tears.

"I miss her..."


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