Chapter Fifteen

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"It will not happen!"

"Will you just shut up and think of what could happen to her?"

"Yeah, and what about Star, huh? You think she wants to go out and be a slave trade?"

"She isn't going to be a slave!"

"Then you don't know Drake!"

I watched the two furious males argue back and forth, Sam clenching his teeth, while Garrett stood, almost as if challenging him. Sam didn't want me to go. Garrett did. He kept saying he has a plan, that everything will be okay if we all just listened to him. After they had began to argue for five minutes, I put in my headphones and tried to drown them out, but they only continued to get louder.

Sam looked worse than Garrett did, however. His black hair was tousled, and he had a 5:00 shadow that was becoming more prominent. His usual attire which consisted of a button down white tee shirt, black pants, and a black vest was traded for sweats and a ratty tee shirt. That's how I knew he was stressing.

Garrett, however, in all honesty looked striking and it made my heart beat wildly. He wore dark fitted jeans and a black tee shirt that showed nearly every possible muscle on his upper body, his hair was combed and for once, he wore the necklace I had gotten him years ago. Each time I looked at him, my wolf let out a painful whimper, and I knew she wanted our mate.

But we were with Sam. I was loyal. I cared for Sam. And Garrett hurt me.

"That's your sister! My mate is the best warrior we have! She will be safe!"

Sam gave a dark smile and chuckled, placing his hand on the back of my chair. "You might have been destined for her, but you rejected her. She isn't yours anymore." He seethed back, playing with the ends of my hair. I could see the rage radiating off of Garrett but he simply growled, eyes furious.

"You know what, fine! Let that kid get beat by her uncle!" He yelled and then left, slamming the door behind him. The tension in the air didn't leave, however. I could feel the shock radiating off of Sam as it dawned on him Alpha Drake was my uncle. I watched the door vibrate before tearing my eyes away, back to my phone to play the game that was helping me distract my mind.

"He's your...uncle?" Ben asked curiously, Cat squeezing his hand to keep him in place.

I could lie straight to their faces, brush it off like it was nothing. Heck, I could probably just sit here and shrug, say he's possibly my uncle, but I've just never met him. Though seeing the pain etched into Ben's eyes, and the fury blazing in Sam's, the truth slipped out like oil I'm water.

"He's my uncle, yes." I replied and bit back more of what I wanted to say. "But I've never met him" I wanted to yell. "He abandoned our pack before I was born!"

However Sam storming out made me stay in place, and I could see Ben shaking. Cat whispered something in his ear and he left, leaving just us. The tension in the air was evident, and I couldn't help but to wiggle around in my chair and look at my phone.

I had two new messages, and a missed call. Deciding to open the call first, I noticed the caller ID was my mother, though I hit the end button and looked at my messages. One from Garrett, and one from Sam.

Garrett: me near the lake tonight. Wear something warm. It'll be cold.

Sam: I'm sorry I stormed out, but he's someone I just... Can't handle. We need to talk later. I'm not sure if I was right in asking for you to be mine. Maybe it was a mistake, or maybe not. We'll discuss it


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