Chapter Four

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"You, Star, are terrible at training!"

That was all I heard during my training session. After a long, hard, sweaty two hours, I was panting on the ground, sweat covering my body. This was something I wasn't made to do. Werewolf or not, I do not need to do this poop. I am a female! I deserve respect!

"Shut up, Sam!" I growled out and tackled him to the ground, punching his chest with rage. I was tired of all of these bloody guys telling me I sucked at something. I was the daughter of the head warrior's in my pack. They need to shut it and learn that I can't be a bloody superhero for them!

He groaned underneath me and, slowly, I got off, satisfied with causing him pain.

"You're a devil, Star." Sam hissed between his teeth as he stood, his body gleaming with sweat. I beamed brightly at him and walked off, hearing all the unmated males whistling at me. Shooting all of them a dark glare, I could hear Sam chuckle so I walked off, my hands in fists at my side.

Garrett walked out of the doorway, his shirt off and his chest gleaming with sweat. I looked at his soft green eyes, ones that were filled with so much love, but then I saw his girlfriend walk out and I walked off, shoving passed both of them.

"Watch where you're going, skank!" she yelled, pulling me down onto my bum by yanking my hair. I growled deadly and stood, seeing the fear in her eyes as she moved back, never dropping eye-contact.

"Don't. Touch. Me!" I yelled, shaking with rage. She grinned and winked at me, laughing. Oh, how that just ticked me off.

"At least I have Mr. Alpha, stupid skank."

She thinks I care that she has Garrett? Really, I mean, mate or not, he's too much of an ignorant baboon for anyone to want, really.

"Yeah, well, I don't really want a pig who cares more about pleasing himself than his mate seeing as how he's with a STD infested wolf, now do I?"

I couldn't suppress the smirk from forming on my face when she glared darkly my way, yet I walked off, waving her goodbye on my way. I could hear a bunch of the guys laughing at what had just happened, but then again, who wouldn't laugh at the fact she just got told off?

Walking up to my room, I passed Sam's beta, Ben, who shot me a grin and pulled me to a stop. "Princessa, I heard you told the girl that's with your mate off. Congrats, darling!" He chuckled and hugged me tight. Ben didn't have a mate yet, though luckily he wasn't really looking for one. He much prefered the players lifestyle, and likes to say no mate can hold him down from that.

"Thank you, Ben. But I'm all sweaty, and stuff. So, I'm going to take a shower. Ta-ta!" I chirped and slauntered out of his arms, walking to Sam's bathroom. I was only going here because he had this amazing shampoo that did wonders for my hair....Okay it smelt like vanilla, so what?

I walked into his bathroom and stripped while the water began to heat up, and once I had it the right temperature, I got in, sighing in contentment at how relaxed I began to feel.

The water beat down mainly on my shoulders. I could feel the tension in them disappear and soon, I was completely relaxed. I smelt like vanilla, and I was relaxed. I could hear some shuffling outside of the bathroom, a males voice, and I could hear Sam curse under his breath lightly.

When someone knocked on the bathroom door, I smirked. "Someone is in here!" I chirped playfully, rinsing my hair out.

"Hurry up, Star! I need to shower!" Sam sighed in frustration. I could only imagine him running his fingers through his hair at the moment, annoyed with what I was doing, but I didn't care, really. As I dried off, I could hear Sam growling in frustration, causing me to laugh loudly.

"Awh, Sammy-Pop, you'll be okay," I cooed in a voice a mother would use on their baby. I ran my fingers through my hair then pulled on my clean shorts and tee, then sat on the toilet and pulled up my kneehigh socks.

"Star, just shut up!" He whined like a child. I smirked and laughed, flinging the door open. He was shirtless; his body gleaming in the dimly lit room. I looked toward his eyes that were glinting in amusement.

"Checking me out, princess?"

"You wish, pig." I hissed and skipped out of his room and down to the kitchen to get some food.

I could see some of my pack members hanging around, but Garrett and his toy weren't anywhere to be found. A sharp pain shot through my chest and I gasped, placing my hands on my knees as I breathed slowly. A few of my pack members laughed at me but I closed my eyes tightly, eyes watering, and then I ran.

The pain was just becoming unbearable.

I shifted as soon as I flung the backdoor open, my bones popping, cracking, shifting. Soon, I was covered in grey fur, my hands and legs turning into that of a wolf, and they pounded against the soft ground as I ran even harder, pushing my body.

I was dead on the inside. I really, and honestly, was. My mate had been mating with his toy for too long now. I wanted this connection to snap. I wanted the pain to be over with. I growled lowly to myself and attacked a tree, digging my claws into its falling figure.

I crashed into the ground, shifting back. I stared at the sky, watching the clouds pass through the blue. The clouds grew darker, signaling it would rain, but I stopped caring. I just stared, watching it.

Hearing someone clear their throat, I shot up, looking at the voice. There was the male again, holding the same camera. The guy who was taking pictures of me. I growled at him and shifted, not wanting him to see my naked figure.

"Now, now, now, puppy." he cooed softly.

"I finally caught you."

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