Chapter Twelve

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Garrett's POV

Don't say yes.

Do NOT say yes!

Star West!

I was yelling in my mind, my hands in fists as I watched Sam get down on one knee and ask my mate to be his girlfriend. I could feel my wolf pushing through as she said yes and I left, leaving Marcia behind. She was texting anyway, so she wouldn't notice me missing.

My heart began to throb as I felt the connection between Star and I from the mate bond. She was happy, happier than she's ever been. And I wished it was I who was making her that happy.

I realized how much I truly cared for her when I found her in Alexander's house, hair a mess, and her arms bloody. I could smell the silver on her so I knew those were wounds from her grabbing something.

Everything that say seems like a memory.


My heart beat with my wolfs as one the longer we ran. I had let him taken over, my eyes shifting orange as my hands and feet shifted, and I soon became my wolf. He was still furious with me for rejecting Star, but he had to realize it was a mistake putting us together. I didn't love her. My heart belonged to Marcia.

I caught her scent before Sam even knew what was happening then I dashed off, leaving all of them behind me. They didn't follow, which was strange, but I didn't care. My wolf dashed forward, all of the trees becoming barely a blur as I ran faster and faster.

He wanted to destroy anyone that had dared to hurt Star, which I give him that. I wanted, too. But I was with Marcia, and Star was nothing more to me than my future lead healer. We stopped near a large house and sniffed.

Star's scent was strong, and it put us both in a fury. We shifted, and he kept control. The power radiated off of my body as he slipped on the shorts we carried, and though I wanted to do nothing more than go in and destroy everyone, he knew it would be better if we went quietly. Undetected.

Two guards sat in front of a door, their backs leaning against the walls. They were relaxed, which gave my wolf the advantage as he went in and killed them instantly, grabbing heir bodies before they fell to the ground and made any loud noises. He used what energy I had to drag the two bodies back and then pushed them off of a hill, watching them fall into a river that had begun to flood.

He placed their swords he had grabbed on his - my - hips and then left back to the house. The scents of Sam's pack was close and it infuriated us to no ends.

She was our mate.


And we were going to rescue her.

Quickly, he forced his way into the house, only to stare at five large me. That stood in the way between us, and our mate. At this moment, I wanted to do nothing but attack them head on, though my wolf had other ideas. He pulled the gun out of my bag and quickly shot them as if te were a video game, and he was the leader.

"They're here!" Someone had shouted and my wolf gave a sinister grin.

"Kill them!" I yelled to him, frantic that they could harm Star while we were fighting.

"Now, now, Garrett. I'm going to take your powers. You're going to black out, but it'll be okay." He replied, and then my vision went black.

By the time I came around, Sam was standing in front of me, his eyes looking at the mess. I was, too. Because it's not every day you see a lot of dead bodies piled upon one another.

"Did you do this?" He asked in disbelief and I shook my head.

"My wolf." I replied with a shrug and left for the scent of my mate, Sam following behind. Though I continued to go straight, he took a right and had began to yell at someone. My curiosity got the best and I took his path, seeing two wolves that looked the same crash through the door, and then it hit me.


And she was hurt.

I could smell her blood.

A dark aura ranked over my body as I shoved my way in, seeing just in time for Star to black out.

I wanted to hold her.

I wanted to cherish her.

I've never loved her more until this moment.

But I've lost her.....


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