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Hey guys! Epilogue time cx now some information on the second book:

It will be entitled My Missing Angel and will be explained why it's called that in the description cx

This book will be mainly in Sam's point of view as he goes on his journey with/without star. Won't say if she dies or not cx

So lovelies, if I may ask, please go back and vote on what you haven't? ^~^

All of the other chapters will be under editing once I finish and get the first chapter of MMA up ^~^

Now onto the epilogue~


Sam's POV

Feet pounding against the forest floor, everything was a grey blur as I ran. The dark fur of my wolf becoming the only dark thing in my vision. My heart began to beat frantically as I ran away from Alexander, the only thoughts in my mind was of Star becoming Garrett's fully. Only to keep her safe... Would it be worth it? Losing the woman I've most cared for just so she could live? I would want her safe, yes, but was I ready to give her up?

I could see the hospital come into view, so I shifted back, pulling on my pants, and then walked in. My body, being in the cold for nearly two hours with only jeans on, was frozen, having a slight blue tint. The warmth that engulfed me from the hospital made me sigh in contentment, and I stood there, letting my body thaw out.

The nurse at the desk looked up when the doors opened, and then her eyes grew wide. "Sir I had meant to call you once you got back. A woman and a little boy came in here, claiming you had sent them. They were homeless, and at first we declined, but they persisted. So we let them go on back. Was that wrong?"

Her voice held such fright that it brought amusement to my eyes. "I know." I replied simply and walked off, back to the direction of Star's room. I could hear her mutter to herself, then call out to me, but I pretended not to notice. After all, no one would dare touch the woman and her son while I am here.

Arriving back at Star's room, everyone was how I left them. Garrett in a chair, fiddling with his thumbs, Kat looking at her phone, and Ben holding his head in his hands, eyes closed, and mouth moving in soft whispers as he prayed.

They all looked up when seeing me walk in and I looked at Garrett, nodding my head to signal we needed to talk. He stood, letting his jacket fall into his chair. His hair was a mess, shirt wrinkled and had a slight smell to it. I couldn't say he looked dingy because I looked the same.

Getting a distance away, I ran my hand through my hair before sighing, heart pounding hard in my chest. "There's a way to save Star." I told him, not missing the excitement that passed through his eyes, lighting them up.

"How?" He replied, interested.

Taking a hesitant breath, I muttered out quickly and airy, "You have to mate with Star."

I could feel the joy radiating off of him but I simply clenched my teeth, keeping my eyes casted down to the ground. "I'll do it." He said, though I hoped deep down he truly wanted it. Not to hurt me. I wanted him to actually love her.

Nodding quietly, I tried to force myself to not cry as he walked off, and once he was gone, I slid to the floor, letting out the cries I was holding in. There was something of this that didn't feel right. Maybe Alexander was lying, or maybe it was just me being selfish, not wanting to give her up.

I bit my lip roughly and stood, pushing the hospital window open where it let in a chill. The nurses were already coming, getting ready to close it once I was gone, so I jumped, landing on my feet as I pushed off the ground, running.

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