Chapter Seven

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He's dead.

My heart clenched in my chest, making my breathing stop as I stared at the pool of red blood that was seeping closer to my cage. I wanted to scream, or break down in tears at the sight before me. How could Sam be dead...? It wasn't meant to happen this way. He's too nice to die; just no...

I looked towards Alexander and let out a deep, warning filled growl and lunged at the cage, feeling the silver sizzle my skin. "I hate you!" I yelled and shook the bars furiously, my vision going black, meaning I would shift soon.

"Star?" Garrett yelled. My body jerked. Why was he here? What did he want with me?

"Star honey!"

My mother?

"Baby girl, open up your eyes."

That voice. I knew that voice. My heart stung furiously as I tried looking around for all of them but saw no one. Screaming, I banged on the bars, my hands turning a dark pink at the touch. I hated being alleric to silver; I knew no one else who was. So why me?

"Mom!" I screamed, crying for the first time in a long time. I let out a slight whimper and curled my knees to my chest, rocking back and forth. "Don't die..." I murmurmed over and over again, tears pricking my vision as they fell loosely to the gound.

Why did he have to die?


I needed him....

I cared for him....

"Don't die..."

"Please don't leave me Sam...."


When I reopened my eyes, I was staring at a white ceiling. My first thoughts were: HOLY HELLABIT I'M BEING TESTED ON.

I jerked a bit and felt something rip out of my arm, the scent of blood wafting around me. I screamed bloody murder and kicked the nearest thing which just so happened to be a table full of food. Was that mine?

I jerked and went to a defensive stance when I heard the door open. My mother appeared slowly, her brown hair in a loose bun with little strands flowing around. Her normally bright green eyes were red and puffy, no doubt from crying. She wore a simple tee shirt and a pair of shorts. She didn't look like my mom at all.

Behind her, my father walked in. His usually combed back hair was shaggy and falling just past his eyes, his shirt was wrinkled and his tie was wrapped around his hand. I looked over them quietly, seeing the black rings under their eyes, seeing the sadness but joy etched onto their faces.

I looked at the mirror that showed me my reflection and I frowned. My hair was showing my roots, it was frizzy, and very unkept. I wanted to run my fingers through it yet in all honesty I was afraid my hand would get lost.

My face held the emotions of fear and insanity, my eyes wide and mouth parted as I panted. I could see bruises on my arms, and as I traveled my eyes down, I could see my hands were now bandaged. Looking back towards my parents, I pulled the blanket on me further to hide anything the gown showed.

"Star?" My mother asked, making my head snap to her direction. She was beside me, her usually perfected red nails now chipped and worn down. "Do you remember what happened?"

I raised an eyebrow at her curiously, getting ready to say something when my father spoke. "Sam's dead, Star. And Garrett is going to be taking you home."

I glared darkly in his direction, my chest aching at the thought of Sam. "I am not going anywhere near that idiotic male." I growled out, my nails digging into my palm.


"Don't yell at her!" My mother scolded, her voice raising a little.

I glared at both of them and threw the blankets back, not minding they could probably see more than they desired.

"I hate the both of you!" I yelled, standing up.

I jerked in the jeans and tee shirt that lay on the dresser beside of me and shoved past them, letting the door slam behind me.

I was faced with a dozen pair of eyes all looking at me with a sense of regret and love in their eyes. My eyes grew dark toward them, especially Garrett's.

"You're coming home." My father said behind me, leaving me to stare into the eyes of my mate before blacking out.


Gahhhh sorry it's late. Sorry it's bad BBUUUUUUUTTTTTT I have my muse back :3 sooooo expect some longer and better chapters from me THOUGH I might go back and edit the others, make them longer, that shabang :3

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