Chapter Five

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Sam's PoV

My heart stung a bit after I had gotten in the shower, though I wasn't completely sure why. With the hot water beating gently down on my back, I closed my eyes and let my thoughts wonder just for a split second...though all that came up were images of Star. I thought of the way her hair fell past her shoulders, or her eyes, her lips....for once I just wanted to place my lips on hers and taste the strawberries she always smelt of.

When the water turned cold, I got out, wrapping the towel around my waist that Star had used. I could still smell her scent on it, and for the moment, I didn't move, just simply enjoyed the smell. There was something about her that I liked; something I didn't have in the mate that had crushed every part of me. Shaking my head, I walked out, my feet getting cold from the cool wood.

Was there a possibility of us being together right now? Maybe not in a romantic sense, but could we be close friends until she was comfortable?

I gripped onto the towel and swiftly looked through the messages on my phone, seeing if there was anything I needed to do.

Flinging the closet door open, I looked around for at least a clean shirt, already in the middle of sliding on shorts. Hearing a knock on the door, I quickly pulled on the shorts and cleared my throat, letting them know they could come in.

"Sam?" he heard Ben's frantic voice so he swung around, his black hair whipping his face.

"What's wrong? Who was hurt?" Noticing Ben pause, I shot him a look that meant go-on-with-it.

He cleared his throat before saying almost in a scared tone, "It's Star...she left and I've lost her scent. I don't know where she's at."

A deep growl emitted from within my chest, emerald eyes shifting blacker than night. Without opening the window, my body shifted and I jumped out, glass raining down around and onto the damp ground.

Everyone from both packs, meet me by the woods. Now! I called out in alpha tone, walking back and forth as my muscles tensed up and rage ran through my body.

My pack appeared first, their faces set with determination and loyalty towards their alpha, while Kyle and Emma appeared in human form, their pack behind them.

Alpha Sam, Kyle said calmly, though in alpha mode, What's wrong?

Star's been taken. was all I said before turning my attention back to each of the members. Family, friends, children, listen up! Star has been taken. I need my best hunters out looking for her, the mothers and children stay back to still tend to things needed around her. My warriors, I want each of you to chase down any scent you don't recognize and question them! Alpha Kyle will lead his pack, but as of right now, you all listen to me until I am done. If anyone knows Star, I need you to talk to my beta his mate so you can figure things out. Garrett, you will stay behind.

Garrett let out a deep, angry growl, his eyes shifted black with flecks of red in them from the rage that was pulsing through his body. "Star is my mate. I am not sitting back."

Giving a wolfish smirk, I stared at Garrett, grey eyes daring. You rejected her, remember?

I could hear a few, "Ooooh!"s and, "You just got burned, dude!" from Kyle's pack. Giving another smirk, I looked to his pack and howled, letting them know it was time to go, and that would be final.

* * *

Star's PoV

My body ached in every inhumanly way possible. Though my eyes refused to open, my sense of hearing was above everything else. Someone was moving to my right, there was something cooking behind me, and if I could hear correctly, MTV was playing on a TV not to far from where I lay. My fingers rested on something soft, but damp. Was it blood, or sweat, or pee?

I wanted to shake my head but my body felt stiff, my head was aching, and my eyes wouldn't open. Oh, well. Why not make the best of this?

"Is she awake?" A voice whispered, but I knew who it was right away. The man who had taken me.

"No, sir." a females voice replied. There was a soft growl but nothing else.

"How much medicine did you give her?"

"...not a lot."

"...her pulse still going?"

"..some...though not...the alpha...on his way..."

The alpha? Was she talking about Sam?

I could feel my heart leaping in my chest at the thought of Sam. I wanted to see him again; mainly because I missed his annoying behaviour, but also because being here was really freaking me out. I could feel my body loosen a bit, but I didn't dare move. I continued to lay there and let them think I was asleep, not letting them think I could hear them.

"Gather troops...he could kill....she's vital....she's our survival."

Were they still talking about me, or someone else? Heels walked off, so I could tell the woman was leaving. But who were they talking about, and why is she their survival?

When a pair of footsteps came near me, I could feel myself tense a little. I kept my eyes closed, not letting myself even shiver when I felt the warm breath of the man brush my neck.

"Sam will be wanting you so bad he'd give up anything..."

Yep, they were definitely talking about me.

* * *

I sincerely apologize for the shortness and the crappyness and just everything wrong, but seeing as how i think my brother just like, messed up my thumb, it's really hard to type.

ANYWHO you guys got a look at Sam's PoV. Anything i could do different or that you would like to see?

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