Chapter Ten

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All of this was just a dream...

I ran a hand through my hair and put my contacts back in, looking over my body.  According to Sam, Alexander had actually hurt the both of us, though what I dreamed was him dying.  Pulling down my sleeve, I looked at the long cut from my shoulder and down my side that stopped under my ribs.  When I asked Sam about it, he said Alexander had cut me as a warning after I blacked out.


I turned and looked at Sam, who stood in the door way that linked the bathroom I stood in and his room. "Hm?"

"My pack wants to officially meet you."

I bit my lip and looked at my reflection again.  Black hair?  Check.  Black contacts?  Check.  White dress with biker boots?  Check. "Ready."

He smiled and took my hand, lacing our fingers together, and softly placing a kiss on my lips.  For the past week, we've been more of a couple than in a fake relationship.  He's been a lot more protective of me, too, though I wasn't sure why.  However, for Garrett, he was nonstop growling and in a rage, though Marcia always calmed him in the end.

I smiled against Sam's lips and kissed him back, a light blush forming on my cheeks as he kissed my nose after pulling away. "You're so cute when you blush," he whispered in my ear, chuckling when I punched him in the stomach. "And still meaner than a snake."


I grabbed his hand again and stepped back, a smile forming on my face.  Though I've been awake a week, apparently my parents have said they had enough of my "uncontrollable teenage hormones" and told Sam I am to live with him.  It wasn't the best, and in all honesty, it had hurt.  Though, I was eighteen.  I could've moved out if I wanted.

So starting in the next two days, all of my stuff will be moved here, along with my motorcycle, and I think Garrett may have said something about staying here for a long while to "make sure Sam doesn't get hurt."

I believe he's just a jealous child.


I looked into Sam's eyes and rose an eyebrow. "I was lost in thoughts again, huh?"

He smirked and nodded, pulling me through the hallway.

"No worries, though, Sammy dear!  For I am just speaking to my audience!"

That made him burst out laughing. "Audience?  What, are people reading your life story?" he asked, smirking.

I gave him a glare and punched him in the chest. "Shut it!" I yelled and pouted, crossing my arms as we walked on.

Though while he laughed, I let myself look out of the windows and actually got a good look at his pack for the first time.  The word huge is quite the understatement.  His pack was something that mine would only be able to be close to the numbers he has if you timed each person by four.  And that's saying something.

I froze in my tracks and bit my lip, staring out the window.  Each of his members were chatting with one another, some females were laying in the arms of their mates, while children were playing around with ribbons and beach balls.

"Are they always like this?" I whispered, walking closer to the window to look at them.

"Happy?  Nah, but this large?  Yeah." he replied softly, though tilted my head towards his and placed a kiss on my lips.

I smiled a goofy like smile and kissed him back, locking my arms around his neck and my fingers through his hair.  He instantly placed his arms around me and continued kissing until someone cleared their throat.

Garrett stood before us, his eyes blazing with rage though he plastered a fake smile on his face, and Marcia hung onto his arms. "Shouldn't we be going?" he said smoothly, a grin on his lips.  I looked up to Sam, seeing him trying to hold back a smirk.

"Yeah, ready, Star?" Sam asked me, placing his arm around my waist.

"Ready when you are." I spoke softly, staring at the large group of people again.

When we began to talk again, I could hear Marcia start whisper yelling at Garrett for apparently being "too jealous to even talk to her".  I suppressed a smirk and took a soft smile on my face as we stepped out, hearing everyone cheer and wave.

I looked around at each one of them, seeing their smiling faces, most of the guards relaxed and smiling at me.  I took my spot beside Sam and looked up to him as he began talking.

"Everyone, I have an announcement to make." He spoke calmly and almost immediately everyone went quiet. "This is the girl everyone has heard about when Alexander took her.  She is the girl that has, somehow, brought more joy into this pack in the last week than I ever could in my fourteen years of being alpha.

"This girl is something I've been searching for, for years after my mate had left.  She's someone I know will be good to both my pack, and my family."

When he turned to me, my eyes went wide.  There, in front of me, was Sam getting down on one knee, a grin spread across his features, and he pulled out a red rose.

"With everyone here as my whitness, Star West, will you...."


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