Chapter 11

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Caitlin's Point of View

Once Barry had sorted out everything I needed at home, he sat on the sofa besides me and angled himself so he was facing me. I could tell by the look on his face that he was about to bring up something serious, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to hear it. He was playing around with his fingers and I could feel the nerves radiating off of him, whatever it was that he wanted to tell me, he wasn't ready either. I knew it had something to do with who he's been looking for, but I can't work out why he's so scared to tell me. I hope he knows that I don't blame him for this, no matter what he tells me. 

"Barry, talk to me. I can tell something is on your mind." I also turn my body slightly so I am facing him, in the hope it will make him feel more comfortable telling me. 

"I've been looking for Mark Mardon. I couldn't get him off my mind when I was thinking about the escaped metas. He dangerous Caitlin." As soon as I heard his name I felt goosebumps race up my arms as everything started piecing together. His voice. His strength. His eyes. Everything about that night started coming back.

"Why didn't you tell us? We could have helped." I try to say as calmly as I can, although I hate the way Barry puts himself in danger with nobody to back him up. We may have been able to catch him before any of this happened. 

"Ironically, I didn't want to put any of you in danger." He shrugged and looked to the ground. He couldn't even look at me. I reached over the sofa to take his hand. I knew we had to tell Cisco and Harrison, now Mark knows Barry is looking for him, we can't stop. He's obviously up to something big otherwise he wouldn't have gone to such efforts to stop Barry trying to find him. 

"We'll catch him Barry, together. This may not be the time to say this, but you need to know... I love you. I wasn't sure at first, but ever since I met you something's been building." I feel the temperature of my face increase along with my heart beating. I never planned to tell Barry I loved him, I wanted it to be special when I did but it just came out. I look up to and see a smile appear on his face. Even through times like this his smile manages to make things seem less scary. 

"I love you too." He whispers as he moves closer to me. Hearing the words come from his mouth was something I had imagined for a while, I never would have thought it would become a reality. He kisses me gently and I relax my body into his. I can feel the pain of my bruises as i make contact with him but I don't even care because for a second everything fits together perfectly. 

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