Chapter 4

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Caitlin's Point of View

So many doubts had ran through my mind about this date with Barry, so many things could go wrong and most importantly it could ruin our friendship if things don't go to plan, but now I'm here, looking across Star City and watching the way he looks at me I know that we're about to start something amazing. I'm not sure how or when we'll break it to our friends but I'm confident now that their reactions won't have an affect on us. 

I catch Barry doing little things he does when he's nervous, like fiddling his fingers and running his hand through his hair. I'm sure he doesn't think I notice these things but they were one of the first things I learnt about Barry. It was the only way I could help him as he'd put on a front and pretend he was okay with everything when he first became The Flash.

"What's up?" I say placing my hand on his to stop his fingers from intertwining once more.

"I just don't want to mess this up, I care about you more than you could know." He replied as he raised his eyes to meet mine. I couldn't help the butterflies, knowing that he cares about me enough to be worried is the only thing I ever wanted. I've spent countless nights wondering what life would be like if Barry ever decided to take me on a date and I could never come close to this.

"I think you're underestimating how much I care about you then." I say with a reassuring smile. I want him to know that there's not much he can do tonight to change the way I look at him. I've known him for too long for tonight to be a deal breaker. He smiles back at me and squeezes my hand a little which reminds me I'm still holding his.

I take a sip of my drink and look around again still shocked by the view. I've never seen Star City from this high before, in fact I've rarely seen it from the ground. Barry and I spend hours talking and laughing without even realising the time. It reaches about 11 and I reluctantly suggest that we leave as we both have to be at S.T.A.R Labs tomorrow and if we both turn up tired after a night off, it might look suspicious. He stands about to lift me into a position to run when I stop him.

"I don't want this to end, can we get the train back or something?" I ask hoping he'll want the date to last longer too. He puts me down and smiles. 

"I was hoping you'd say that." He takes my hand and laughs a little.

We walk side by side and hand in hand as we make our way to the station. It feels nice being able to hold his hand without anyone we knowing seeing us or judging it. The only person who could see us is Oliver and he already knows. 

Sitting on the train I feel my eyes getting heavier and closing, but I know I can't sleep. The whole reason I wanted to get the train was to be with Barry. Every time they started to close my head would tilt a little more, getting closer to his shoulder each time. I know he wouldn't mind if I fell asleep on him but I couldn't think of anything more embarrassing on a first date.

"I just want you to know," Barry begins to speak which awakens me slightly, "no matter what happens here, between us, I'll always be there for you and nothing will change. I don't want you to feel like you're pressured into anything for the sake of work or anything. I'll always be there to save you, and I'll always need you there to help me save others. We're a team." He speaks flickering his eyes between looking out of the train window and looking directly into mine.

"I know Barry, I'll always be here for you too, but if I'm honest, I have a really good feeling about us. I don't think we'll need to worry about that." I say hoping to hear the same from him. I know he was supposed to be making me feel good about us but it just made me feel he was going to end it before it really started.

"I have a good feeling about us too." He smiled and slowly moved his head closer to mine. My heart started racing as I knew he was about to kiss me. I closed my eyes and the minute our lips touch I felt an energy I've never felt before. It made me smile, and I felt him smile too. "Yeah, a really good feeling about us." He laughed. 

When I got home I stayed up for hours like a teenager still giddy and thinking about the night. I couldn't wait to see him again and start this with him. All the doubts I ever had, had completely disappeared. I didn't even feel threatened by Iris. I knew we both felt something tonight and that's something you can't fake or force.

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