Chapter 16

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Barry's Point of View

As I arrive at Joe's door, I hear him and Iris laughing. I start to feel nervous as I'm not sure how she's going to take it, I can't see any reason why she'd take it badly, but nothing is going right recently. I gently knock on the door as I open it, just to let them know I'm coming in. They both stop laughing and turn round to face me, with big smiles. Iris rushes over to me and hugs me.

"Barry! I haven't seen you in ages, what's been going on?" She says into my shoulder. I look up to Joe and he gives me a slight nod, encouraging me to tell her about Caitlin. 

"I should probably talk to you actually." I say as we both head towards the sofa to sit down.

"What is it Barry?"

"Well, Caitlin and I are together now," as I say the words I see her eyes change. I can't tell how she's feeling but I know things can only get worse when I tell them about Mark. "As a couple we've been really happy and things are going really well. I actually think I love her." I look up to Joe, who has a proud smile on his face. This is the first person I've told him I loved, apart from Iris I guess.

"That's great Barry, she'll have to come over one night for dinner." Joe says, I think to comfort me before Iris speaks. I smile and nod, that would be a great idea.

"I didn't realise you were over me." Iris says, looking at the floor. "I know, I shouldn't say this, especially not now, but I have to tell you. Lately, I've been working up the courage to talk to you, to tell you I think I'm getting feelings for you. I know I should have just done it as soon as I felt them but I was scared, and honestly, I didn't think you'd be with someone else."

My heart sinks, if she had told me this any other time my happiness would have been uncontrollable but now, well now I just feel bad. I'm not even remotely tempted to try and have a relationship with her. Iris is still looking at the floor when a warm feeling fills my chest. Even though, this next hour or so is going to be really hard, and honest. This has made me realise how much Caitlin means to me. I honestly thought I would never be over Iris, that no matter what situation I was in, I'd always find a way to make it back to her, but now all I can think about is Caitlin and how happy we are and how I wouldn't trade it for anything.

"I'm sorry Iris, I don't know what to say." I say trying to make her look at me.

"It's not your fault, I've always wanted you to be with someone like Caitlin, I don't know why I'm even surprised." She says trying to smile. 

"I'm not trying to change the subject but there's also something else, Mark Mardon, I've been trying to find him for the last few months, and he attacked Caitlin. She was in hospital with severe injuries. That's where I've been. I need you guys to be safe, he seems to be going after the people I love so promise me you'll be safe." I can feel the fear radiating off Joe even though he's trying to hide it. His history with the Mardons isn't something he takes lightly. 

"Why would you go looking for him on your own." He says sternly. 

"Nobody hates me more for that than myself." I shrug, not wanting the same lecture I've received by everyone at S.T.A.R Labs multiple times.

"We'll be safe." Iris says taking my hand. She always seems to know when I'm feeling anxious. "You should go, be with Caitlin, I can tell you're worried about her." I just smile at her. I know how hard this must be for her, considering it's been me in that position for years. I say my goodbyes, and make my way to Caitlin's.

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