Chapter 8

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Caitlin's Point of View

The stress of not being able to move, or even open my eyes is making this whole incident worse. I can hear every word Barry is saying to me and I can't even react, the pain of my struggling lungs is nothing compared not being able to let Barry know I'm okay. I just want to hold his hand and let him know I could be falling in love with him too. I have no idea how long I've been in hospital or what time of day it is, but what I'm guessing is every night, Barry will tell me he's not leaving my side and kiss my forehead. 

I've heard Cisco and Harrison visit every now and then but I can feel Barry hasn't left my side, Cisco's full of questions about what happened, the nurses say 'it was probably just an unlucky coincidence that Caitlin was a victim of someone's need to hurt another' but Cisco, Harrison and Barry all know that wasn't the case. I don't even want to think about what Barry will do when he realises this seems like his fault. I can't seem to get off my mind what the person said though 'tell Barry Allen to stop looking for me'. Barry didn't mention he was looking for anyone, especially no one dangerous. 

"Caitlin," I hear Barry say as he kisses my hand, "don't you dare give up. Think about everything worth fighting for." I can hear in his voice that he's been crying. This must be so hard on him, I know he's been blaming himself for not staying with me, but it shouldn't be his responsibility. He has a point though, I have to fight this. I need to stop relying on other people to save me, only I can help myself now. I have so much to live for, most importantly a future with Barry. Just thinking about how great we could be I feel stronger, the pain seems numb just enough. I continue to think about the things I can tell Barry when I'm fully awake, the way he'll be the first person I'll see, how he's the only person I want to see. I can feel my heart beating faster and stronger. I may be doing this myself, but Barry is once again the one saving me. 

Suddenly, I feel my finger twitch, and my hand tighten a little around Barry's. Before I know it my eyes begin to flicker open. For a moment all I can see is a blurry hospital room, but I can hear Barry repeating my name.

"I'm okay." I manage to whisper through the pain of my lungs. 

"Oh my God, you're okay. Caitlin, you're okay. I'm here, I just need to get someone." Barry runs out of the room calling for a doctor, and the joy he had for me was contagious and made me smile. 

Two nurses came rushing in with Barry closely following, with all sorts of papers and medical 'tools'. One of them sits in the chair next to my bed and the other stands next to me, the other side. The sitting nurse introduces herself.

"Hello Caitlin, I'm Katy, can you talk to me?" She says with a kind smile. 

"Hi, yeah, it's hurts a bit though." I try not to sound like I'm in too much pain as I don't want to be here any longer than necessary. 

"That's okay, we'll get you some pain killers for that."

The nurse standing checks some things on my body, whilst explaining what she's doing. I can see Barry at the end of my bed looking anxious. I can tell he has so many questions that he can't ask in front of the nurses. 

When they're finished checking on me and put some different medication into the drip I start to feel my body getting stronger, strong enough to sit myself upright. They adjust my bed and pillows before leaving and Barry takes his seat next to me. I just sit and wait for the questions to begin, but all he does is lean closer to my face and kiss me. For the first time, in what felt like forever, I could finally kiss him back.

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