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Lost and Found by Vampirediaries1996
Lost and Foundby Vampirediaries1996
Becoming the fastest man alive has opened so many doors for me but the one it couldn't was something I needed to slow down for. I met her by chance but everyday since I'...
Adorkable - Barry Allen by ketkat_23
Adorkable - Barry Allenby ketkat_23
"You're just so freakin' adorkable Barry Allen." Join Winnifred and the rest of Team Flash as they embark on a quest to help save Central City. They will explo...
THE QUEEN by Maleficent282
THE QUEENby Maleficent
A queen fighting for her children. Summary inside
Snow| Barry Allen [1] by civilwar12
Snow| Barry Allen [1]by Black Wolf
Ashley Snow is Caitlin Snows sister, they both work at S.T.A.R Labs. But when the Particle Accelerator exploded A lot happened then they meet a meta human called Barry A...
Kismet - E2 Harry Wells by auroraaviolet
Kismet - E2 Harry Wellsby auroraaviolet
Luna stood there, bewildered. "What chance did I stand against kismet?" He simply replied. ~ kismet: destiny, fate warning: age gap ranks: #1 in harrywells #4...
Rocky Raymond //Book One\\ COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Rocky Raymond //Book One\\ MCWAYY
12 year old MacKenzie Raymond was happily living her life with her big brother when a particle accelerator explosion changes everything, causing MacKenzie to lead a comp...
Always on my mind ~ Barry Allen by SuperHopelessFangirl
Always on my mind ~ Barry Allenby Maggie Lee
Iris West and Barry Allen had a friend named Angela Timko. They were three peas in a pod. Angela was your average happy little girl with a single mom and two best friend...
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Absolute Zero by NinjaOfTheShade
Absolute Zeroby NinjaOfTheShade
Becca is Barry's twin sister. After the death of her mother, and her father being arrested, she and her brother grew up with Joe and Iris West. She went to collage in St...
watching Barry's secret by Jessiek143
watching Barry's secretby Jessiek143
well I don't own Glee or flash and Supergirl and arrow DC legends of tomorrow well people think that they know Barry Allen but they don't
Struck By More Than Love by UniversalShipper122
Struck By More Than Loveby Aunt May
COMPLETED STORY Iris West and Barry Allen have been together for 3 years. Barry has been preparing a night that Iris would never forget. But will the night's events go...
Lightning Strikes Again (2) The Flash by allynmck1
Lightning Strikes Again (2) The Alleycat
"I know Kat, but you need to stay, I need you to stay, I can't..I can't do this without you" "I can't Barry, I just can't" Can you really walk away...
Love Is A Dangerous Weapon [2]   by kawaii-is-real
Love Is A Dangerous Weapon [2] by Kelissa
♡ Season 2 of The Flash and book 2 of Harrison Daughter ♡ ⚠ I do not own The flash or any character except my Oc Varity all credit goes to CW⚠ Highest Rank: #2 in Profes...
The Flash Imagines, Preferences/one shots  (Grant Gustin) by awstenknightsperson
The Flash Imagines, Preferences/ Alexis
Basically what the title says. Preferences for: Barry Allen Harrison Wells (Earth 1 & 2) Cisco Romon Ronnie Raymond Julian Albert Wally West Please share with you're f...
Barry Allen's Secret by writingWeirdo1226
Barry Allen's Secretby Writing Weirdo
Barry Allen has many secrets, his main one being his superhero identity, however he has one that is by far his best kept and longest kept secret. Thirteen years ago Myl...
His Hidden Past by delain3y
His Hidden Pastby delain3y
Things are going normally in Central City. All until one day, Barry acts a little strange. He tells everyone he has to take a few days off, but never gives a reason. Con...
[EDITING] adelaide ⌁ barry allen by blameylamey
[EDITING] adelaide ⌁ barry allenby honey
ADELAIDE NELSON was no different to all the other girls. With a future ahead of her, friends that support her all through her decisions, no one wouldn't even doubt that...
Ghost? Or not? by NatureAndMusic
Ghost? Or not?by NatureAndMusic
Team Flash won! They saved Iris. Caitlin is back. Savitar is gone! Or is he? Caitlin has a problem. She sees Savitar's ghost. Or is it just a ghost?
Team Flash watches... themselves? by derp_lydia
Team Flash watches... themselves?by Lydia
Just an idea I had for fun. I didn't find many of these, so I decided to write my own. I have no idea how long this might be either, but just bear with me. Warning: has...
Lydia | Barry Allen [1] by MythicalMikey
Lydia | Barry Allen [1]by ✧*Isabel *✧
A love story about a strawberry blonde and certain red speedster Cover by: @parxbciz The Flash & Teen Wolf crossover I do not own anything/ Teen Wolf belongs to Jeff Dav...