Chapter 3

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Barry's Point of View

I start to become nervous. It's an hour until my date with Caitlin and I don't even know what I'm wearing. I'm praying nothing happens tonight at S.T.A.R Labs that needs our attention because I need tonight to go perfectly. I know Caitlin doesn't want anyone knowing about us and the fact we're both not going to be there tonight is suspicious enough. At first I though she was embarrassed by us liking each other but the more time I've had to think about why she wants to keep it a secret the more I start to agree. It would cause a weird atmosphere whilst we're supposed to be working between everyone until we know how serious we are. 

I try on about 50 different outfits and I have no idea what's right. I've never cared about a date so much before. I know the only person who can really help me is Joe, I'm going to have to tell him about tonight. I get a selection of outfits which I quite like and take them down to him. He looks up at me confused as I hadn't had a chance to explain why I had dropped a pile of clothes in front of him. 

"I have a date and I don't know what to wear." I shrug, thinking I could get away with not telling him who it was with. Deep down I knew I wouldn't get off that easily, he's a detective after all, his job is to ask questions. 

"A date huh, who with?" He has a grin on his face with a hint of excitement. 

"Someone special." Before he has chance to answer I change into the first outfit. Some black jeans and a shirt. Joe shakes his head. 

"Too casual, who with?" He replies. I know he's not going to let this go but part of me feels bad talking about this to him, not only because Caitlin doesn't want anyone knowing but because it's not Iris. I think we both thought in the end I would end up with her. 

"Uh, Caitlin. I think we could really work." I change again into a suit.

"Well, if you think it could be something special. I'd say the suit. She sees you all the time in your every day clothes. Let her know this means a lot to you." He still has a smile on his face and it only makes me more excited for tonight. 

"Do you think this is crazy?" I ask knowing Joe has the best judgement.

"If it was any two people who worked together, I'd say yes, but it's you and Caitlin, you guys have had something for a while. I don't think it's crazy." He's right. If anyone can make this work it's us. 

"Can you do me a favour and not tell anyone yet? We're going to keep it to ourselves until we're sure." 

"Of course, have fun." I check the time and realise it's 7:50. Luckily for me, I am The Flash. 

I arrive to Caitlin's front door, but suddenly the nerves come back. I care so much about Caitlin I can't lose her if this doesn't go well. I take a deep breath and knock. Shortly after, the door opens and I find myself speechless. She looks amazing. Caitlin steps out in a red dress and her perfect smile. All my worries go away when I see her.

"You look... Wow." Still struggling to find words I take her hand. 

"You don't look too bad yourself." She says looking in my eyes. I hold her hand tighter without realising, but I know I don't want to let go, ever. "So where are we going?" She laughs a little.

"It's a surprise" I wink and hold her closer to me. "Hold on tight." I begin to run, carrying Caitlin. I feel her tighten her grip around my shoulders and lean her head in closer to me. It sounds crazy but it's as if she fits perfectly. I really didn't want to use my speed tonight because I want to spend as long as possible with her, but it would just take too long to travel by train. 

"I don't think I'll ever get used to this." She says into my chest. I laugh a little.

"Me neither, it's always such a rush." I'm not even using my full speed as my suit could catch fire, and I don't want to make Caitlin sick. 

We finally arrive at the top of the tallest building in Star City. I had Oliver set up a picnic on the roof. You could see all of the city lights, the tiny cars below us and the thousands of stars above us. The view was incredible, but I still couldn't take my eyes off Caitlin. 

"Barry this is beautiful." Caitlin whispers as she looks up to the sky. 

"You're beautiful." I smile.

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