Chapter 5

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Barry's Point of View

I race to S.T.A.R Labs, without time to tell Joe how the date went. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Iris and Joe look at me confused as I sped past them at the table, eating breakfast. I was already late to meet everyone, I couldn't be any later, especially when I have super speed. It was hard to focus my mind on one thing when nothing seemed important, nothing apart from Caitlin. When I finially arrive Cisco, Harrison and Caitlin are all standing waiting for me.

"Where have you been?" Harrison asks slightly impatiently.

"Sorry, I overslept, late night I guess." I shrug but I see Caitlin suddenly drop her head.

"That's weird," Cisco says, "that's exactly what Caitlin said too."

"You- you were late?" I ask Caitlin, a little shocked considering she's never late. She just nods her head and I realise that something has to be said to Cisco. "I was working with Joe and was on the phone to Caitlin as she was helping with a case we were working on. All boring stuff really."

"Cool, what case?" Cisco asks, ignoring the fact Harrison was about to speak.

"A private one." Caitlin says abruptly and looks away. I can't help but get the feeling something is bothering her, she's hardly said a word to me since I got here.

"Anyway, Barry since the city has been so quiet recently, I was thinking we should work on you. Learn all of your strengths and weaknesses, how to make you faster, how fast you really can go and what happens if you go too fast. Although we know a lot about you, it's not enough." I look to Cisco and see he's looking confused at Caitlin but agreeing with Harrison at the same time. I know everything he wants to do is for my own good but sometimes I don't like testing my limits, surely I should be grateful with the speed I have been given and not trying to push for more.

"I'm not sure Harrison, let me think about it yeah?" I smile a little but I don't think it convinced him. I look around at my surroundings and remember a time when I used to dream of being in here and working with Harrison Wells, the great S.T.A.R Labs. Now when people hear it's name all they can see is a mistake. Mistakes happen all the time, what if one happens with me?

I leave the room and sit on the treadmill. Shortly after Caitlin follows me in and sits next to me. She gently puts her hand on my knee and I place mine on top of hers.

"What's wrong?" She almost whispers.

"He's right, we don't know much about me, what if something goes wrong and I die, or worse, you could die. We have no idea what could happen. Why change what we already have?" She nods her head a little bit and places it on my shoulder.

"I think you should trust him, and if not Harrison, me. I believe you have so much more to give, safely. You care too much sometimes, but that's one thing I'd never change for the world." I hear every word she says but still uncertain. All I know is that she is the best person to try and make me feel better right now. It just feels like Harrison is constantly pushing me, we should be happy we saved the city.
"Right now, I just want to focus on you and us and put my full attention to us until we're in a place where we can take on something big, together." I feel my heart rate increasing just being this close to her. She makes everything seem so much better and I'm not sure what I'd do without her. I feel her smile broaden and it makes me smile too. The moment is soon broken when we hear someone coming, we immediately put some distance between us and start looking at different things around the room, although it's hard to keep my eyes off her. Cisco walks in, being his usual, cheerful self and we just go along with everything he says. It makes me start to wonder how long we'll have to hide this. Cisco is one of my best friends and keeping this from him is already one of the hardest thing I've ever had to do and it's barely even started yet.

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