Chapter 10

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Barry's Point of View

Cisco and Harrison stay for hours, I debate telling them all who I've been looking for so we can all sort it out together, but I remember that this has nothing to do with them, I can't put them in danger because of something that I have done. I know they wouldn't hesitate to help me, but that's the problem. I have speed, I heal quick, I don't care what happens to me as long as my friends are safe.

The doctor walks in with a clipboard and some forms. 

"Hi everyone, I need to understand a few things and if it all works out, Caitlin should be able to leave today. I gather that Cisco and Harrison, you work with Caitlin at S.T.A.R Labs, but Barry who are you in relation to Caitlin? You don't work with her do you?" He asks twisting his pen in his hands. 

I look to Caitlin, unsure of what to say. I can't just tell him I'm The Flash, I would go the easy route and say I'm just a friend, but I've not left her side since she arrived here. She gives me a slight nod, telling me to tell the truth. 

"I'm her boyfriend, why?" I see Cisco in the corner of my eye, his mouth completely dropped. Whereas Harrison has absolutely no change in expression. 

"I just wanted to know if you'd be any help to her if when she left here, judging by your commitment in here, she's very lucky to have you. Anyway, I wouldn't usually do this, but I understand that you have very good equipment at S.T.A.R Labs and as Caitlin's condition has stabilised I'm happy for her to go home, but if it's not trouble I'd like her to be with someone at all times until there's a bigger improvement. I trust you can take care of her from now." 

I hardly listen to the doctor as I feel Caitlin's hand shaking in mine. Harrison talks to the doctor and they work out an agreement for Caitlin and Cisco just stands at the bottom of the bed. 

"You're going to be safe Caitlin. I promise." I kiss her forehead and stand up, signalling for Cisco to follow me out of the room.

'You and Caitlin?! Why didn't you tell me?" He half shouts half whispers. 

"We wanted to see how things would go for a while before we told people about us. I really care about her Cisco." I explain as his grin widens. 

"This is awesome. You guys." He lightly punches my shoulder and I laugh. Looking at her through the window in the door. She has a smile on her face looking at me. Even though this is one of the hardest things I've been through, I don't think I've ever been happier. I have no idea why she agreed to be with me but the doctor was wrong. I am the luckiest person. 

I walk back into the room and see Harrison is packing up Caitlin's stuff. 

'You ready to go home?" I ask, ensuring she's okay, as she didn't really get a say in anything that just happened. 

"Yeah." She smiles. "Harry, is it okay that me and Barry are together? It's just you didn't really seem to react." 

"Of course it is, I didn't react because I've known for a while. The Labs have camera's you know." He says with a light humour in his voice, handing me her bags. 

"Let's go then." I say helping Caitlin out of bed. 

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