Chapter 12

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Barry's Point of View

I wake up on Caitlin's couch to my phone ringing, I look to see who it is, and find it's Caitlin, I run into her room to see if she's alright but she's in a deep sleep. Who has her phone? I pick up, without saying a word, and after a few seconds of silence I hear his voice.
"That's okay. You don't have to talk to me Barry, just know that neither you, your little girlfriend, or your friends at S.T.A.R Labs, are ever really safe. Look how easily I can get in and out of your life without you even knowing. Make sure Caitlin doesn't tell Cisco or Wells about me, I mean it. Stop looking." He says in his low, intimidating voice. Before I even have a chance to reply he hangs up.
I find myself looking at Caitlin, asleep so peacefully. How am I going to tell her he's been in her room, he could've done anything he wanted. I was supposed to be keeping her safe, and I've been useless. I leave her room, and sit back on the couch, flipping my phone in my hands. I have so many decisions to make. Do I lie to Caitlin and let her believe she's just lost her phone? Do I get her in a secret safe place? Do I have to argue with her to stop her from telling the others about Mark? This is such a mess. I know Mark feels threatened even if he does have the upper hand right now, but he wouldn't be going to so much trouble to stop us finding him if he thought we couldn't. The more I think the more dangerous he becomes in my mind. I debate calling Oliver, joining our forces with Team Arrow, but there's a part of me that doesn't want anyone else getting hurt. This is my mistake.
I have no idea how long I was lost in thought but I hear Caitlin's weak voice calling me into her room. I walk in and see she's managed to sit herself up, she really is getting stronger.
"Hi," she says looking around, "have you seen my phone?" She continues to look around and I can't decide what to do. My best option is to be honest, tell her everything. Maybe she'll know exactly what to do.
"He was here. In your room, it's all my fault. He took your phone to call me, it's not safe for you to know what I'm doing. He's made that clear. I don't know what to do Caitlin, I don't care what happens to me but I won't be able to live with myself if something happens to you again." It all comes out so fast and I'm not even sure if she took it all in but the look on her face says it all. She looks scared, genuinely scared. "I'm so sorry, you're supposed to feel safe in your own home and I've ruined that."
"Please stop apologising Barry, my job is to make sure you're okay, so just for a minute I'm going to talk to you as Dr. Snow rather than your girlfriend. Before that night, I was working on somethings in the lab, I have a few ways you may be able to become faster and stronger. There's no way I can determine the best and safest on my own, I will need Cisco and Harrison, our job is to fight the bad guy, so whether you brought him here or not, we, as a team, will be getting rid of him. It's time to take action, not sit a sulk." She says all of this looking dead in my eyes. I've been so caught up in being her boyfriend I forgot how strong, intelligent and just brilliant she is. I know deep down she's right, we're going to have to do something. I take her hand and nod, agreeing with her. It's time to be a team again.

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