Chapter 13

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Caitlin's Point of View

I know Barry is blaming himself so much for what is going on and I wish there was some way that I could reassure him and let him know that it doesn't matter. We've all been in danger before and we've been at risk of being hurt. We knew that when we continued to work with S.T.A.R Labs. He hasn't seemed to be at all focused since we agreed to tell the others about Mark. I just want to get up and hug him to make it better but I'm still in a little too much pain for that. the longer we wait the more he's going to overthink this so I suggest we go now and make sure everyone is there. He mustn't have heard me as he continues to pace around my room, smiling at me every so often.

"Barry," I say slightly louder.

"Yes, hi, how are you?" He says in a rushed panic. It makes me laugh slightly, but also makes me feel loved. The fact even when he has no idea what's going on he makes sure I'm okay.

"I'm fine, I was saying we should all meet at S.T.A.R Labs in an hour and we can start talking about this." He looks confused. I can tell deep down he still wants to do this on his own. I just can't let him.

"That's pretty soon, you're still healing." He says obviously thinking of any reason not to go.

"I'm fine," I repeated, "although, we are going to have to use your phone." I say with a small laugh trying to make light of the situation.

"Okay." He says walking closer to my bed to sit on the end of it, which kind of relieved me. It was panicking having to watch him walk back and forth like that. He pulls out his phone and texts Cisco and Harrison, I wanted to tell him to call but I understand why he needs time. "Are you going to need a wheelchair or anything? I can get you one?" He looks worried into my eyes.

"I'll be fine as long as I'm with you." I take his hand, we both know that I'm not talking about the wheelchair anymore. He smiles a little and squeezes it.

"I guess I won't be leaving you then." He smiles and looks at his phone again. It looks like Cisco has replied. "Lets go."

I go to sit up but before I could even think about moving Barry has me in his arms. It makes me smile because I remember him holding me like this on our date. I felt so warm and perfectly fitted, like I was meant to be right in his arms. He starts to run and winds blows my hair out of my face. It's so refreshing to feel the air rushing past my face. I could stay like this for hours, ironically, the journey only lasts a minute.

Barry sits me in my chair and gives me a small kiss on my forehead.

"You look good when you're wind swept." He says as he winks. It makes me laugh. For a minute I forgot that anything bad was happening or had even happened. I can't help pray this whole thing is over soon so Barry and I can become a proper couple, and have some time to ourselves. Just as Barry was about to lean in for another kiss Cisco bursts through the door, why is it always Cisco, I think whilst rolling eyes to Barry.

"Woah, sorry guys, anyway... what's up Barry?" He says diverting his eyes from awkwardness.

"Yeah what is it? I thought I was supposed to make the unexpected meetings." Harrison says as he enters.

"So basically..." Barry begins.

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