Chapter 2

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Caitlin's Point of View

I knew something was wrong with Barry this morning, he could barely stand still. For so long it's been my job to care about him and look after but even know, when I know he's more than capable of looking after himself, I want to be his hero. Something is definitely on his mind and I'm going to find out, he needs to talk to someone when he gets like this. For so long I've wanted to be the one he runs to, I've wanted to be the one he thinks of the most but he's always had Iris. I've never felt like this about anybody since Ronnie passed and there's no one I can speak to about it. The amount of times I would have this conversation in my head with him and tell him exactly how I'm feeling. Ever since the day I laid eyes on Barry I knew there was something there, but I was never really sure until the day I kissed Hannibal Bates, I kissed him back thinking he was Barry. I remember shocking myself afterwards but knowing it felt right. 

Hours have passed since Barry went out with Oliver and I begin to wonder what they could be talking about. I know Barry can't have much to say about the activities of Central City as nothing has happened, and Oliver never has much to say. I hear footsteps behind me and turn to find Cisco with that same grin he has every day. 

"What's up?" He calls taking a seat next to me. 

"Nothing, where's Barry?" I ask trying to be as casual as possible.

"Still out with Oliver I guess, they haven't seen each other for a long while." He shrugged as he began to type away at his computer. I watch him get lost in whatever he's doing and I find myself smiling. Harrison Wells may have caused a lot of pain and suffering in our lives but if he's done one thing that I'm happy about, that would be bringing these two amazing people into mine. S.T.A.R Labs has given me a brother and Barry Allen.

"Hey." I hear his voice and my heart automatically begins to beat 10 times faster. 

"Cisco," Oliver says getting his attention, "can I borrow you for something please?" Oliver's questions leaves me confused. Oliver has never shown an incredible amount of interest in Cisco, but being needed anywhere always triggers his curiosity. That leaves Barry and myself alone again. 

"Hey." I reply to his earlier greeting, hoping it's not so late it's awkward. "Did you guys have a good time?"

"Yeah, he actually helped me see a lot. There's something I really need to get off my chest, and you have no idea how many times I've listed the risks that come with this but I can't let it go. Caitlin, you have made my experience as The Flash the best experience of my life. The way you smile even on the toughest days, our night out to the bar even if you don't remember half of it, the feeling I got when you married Ronnie, every single impact you've have on me has been part of an experience. Caitlin, I like you, a lot, and I know that opening up with these feelings could effectively ruin our friendship because I'm almost certain you don't feel the same, but I have to try." He takes a deep breath as he finishes speaking and I listened to every word. Every second made me fall deeper into a trance. Never could I have imagined that Barry felt this way about me. Little does he know that them smiles are because of him and I remember every single minute of the night at the bar. I remember knowing that Barry was going to save me. Not by being The Flash, but by being Barry. I remember seeing his face when I married Ronnie, I loved Ronnie but even seeing Barry sad that day somehow became a priority. It's always been him.

"That's a lot to take in, I never knew you felt that way. I feel it too. I'm the person I am today because of you and every day I spend with you I like you even more." I couldn't give a long speech like Barry, he's been planning what he wanted to say, this just got sprung on me. I watch the smile grow on his face when he hears my response. Before I know it we're just smiling at each other, a little bit oblivious to every thing around us. 

"Well then, I want to take you on a date. A proper date." He says taking my hand. I smile and nod, a little bit speechless. This is so important to me that for now I don't think I want other people getting involved. I know if Cisco finds out this will be exciting new information for him to get involved with, and if Iris found out I have no idea what she would do. She's one of the only people who have the power to get in his head and change his mind about something. 

"That sounds great, but for now, can we keep this between us. Until we're ready for everyone else's opinion." He gently squeezes my hand and lets go. 

"Of course. How about tomorrow night at 8, I'll pick you up. We don't need to speak of it until then?"

"That's perfect." I smile and we almost get lost again until Cisco and Oliver walk back in, making us jump and return to natural positions. I notice Oliver wink at Barry and realise that they've probably been speaking about this for the last couple of hours. Oliver doesn't bother me though, he's no stranger to keeping a secret after all.

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