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As I was walking home I was thinking about Max. I saw the trail and went on another walk. I climbed a tree. I looked at the clouds. Then the sun was setting. And I saw the stars.

I smiled. And then heard someone. I looked down. "Hey bud"Max said. I smiled. He climbed up. "I need to talk to you"he said. "Sure. But can we look at the stars. "I said. He nodded.

We spent a while just looking at the stars. Then he climbed down and I followed. "So what do you want to talk about. Cause I want to ask you something to. "I said. " first"he said. "I was thinking and I think. If you want to. Maybe we can start dating. Like boyfriends. "I said. He looked down. Crap. "Listen. Ross. I like you a lot"he said. I was about to cry. He's doing it. "But. But I want to be with Shelbie"he said. Why. Why him. I looked down.

"Her. Ok. I want to thank you "I said. He was confused. "What"he asked. "For leading me on. AND DOING THIS "I yelled walking away. "Ross"he said grabbing my arm. I pulled away. "You don't get to touch me. At ALL. Ok. Stay away. Don't talk. Or speak about me. K. Have a fun life with my cousin you piece of crap"I yelled.

I ran home. I slammed the door. "What's wrong"Mom asked. "Max. He's a jerk "I yelled. "What did he do"Dad asked. "He said he wants to be with Shelbie. After he has been leading me on"I yelled. Mom looked at dad. "No"she said. Dad stood up. "I want to see this boy "he said. I shook my head. "Stay away from him. Let him be happy"I yelled running to my room. I layed on my bed. Looking at the ceiling.

I started crying. "Why"I whispered.

Crap. What did I do. Why did Shelbie threaten me. I want to be happy. With him. But I can't.

I'm so sorry Ross.

I love you so much

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