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(Authors note. If you don't cry you are not a real fan girl. I cried before I started writing this. You  people better cry. Comment If you cry)

I smile as I see my self in the mirror. "Ross. Adam and Jess are here "my mom yelled. I ran downstairs to see Adam crying. "What's wrong"I asked. I noticed he had jins ring. "No"I said.

"He talked to me this morning about him leaving. So. He broke up with me"he said. I hugged him. "Ok. Enough crying over boys. Grow up. Ross you can still get him. Adam. You will find someone "Jess yelled.

"Now can we go to the dance. And have fun"she asked. We nodded. "Thank you. Let's go. Jason is outside waiting "she said. We laughed.

Once we got there. I saw James and Shelbie. Tim and em. We started talking for a while. Then a slow dance came on. We and Adam stayed behind.

"Why don't you like Max"I asked. "I don't know"he said. I looked down. "I'm gonna go. I'll be right back"I said. I left.

I was alone. James and Shelbie walked up to me. "I'm tired. "James said. "So Jin dump you"Shelbie asked. I nodded. "Well at least you can go after Max. "She said. "What is your problem. Why do you always bring that up"I asked. "Cause its true"she said.

I shook my head. "No it's not. "I said. "Adam. Tell me right now you don't love Max. "She asked. "I don't love him"I said. She smiled. "Good. James let's go dance some more. "She said. They left. "You don't love me. I knew it"I heard someone say. I turned and saw Max.

"Where's Ross"i asked. "We need to talk"Adam said. I shook my head. "Where's Ross"I asked. "No. we need to talk"he said. I nodded. "Why did you kiss me that day"he asked. "That's not important. "I said.

"Max"he said. I shook my head. "Max"he said again. "Because I loved you"I said. He stood up straight. "I don't love you anymore. I love Ross. Where is he"I asked. "He left earlier. I don't know where"he said. I nodded and left.


I was sitting by my locker. The first place I met Max.
It was a comet
The boy saw a comet
And he felt as though his life had meaning
I laughed I felt tears.
And when it went away he waited his entire life for it to come back to him

I heard someone running.

It was more then just a comet because of what it brought to his life

I stood up and saw Max.


There are many that couldn't understand
And sometimes he walked among them

But even in his darkest hours

He knew in his heart that someday it would return to him

I started crying

And his world would be whole again

And his belief in god and love and art
Would be reawaken in his heart

"The boy saw the comet"I smiled.

"And suddenly his life had meaning "max said.

I started crying. So did max. I ran to him and kissed him. My first kiss. "I love you"I said. "I love you to"he said.

"Your my first kiss"he whispered. I smiled.

(You all have to love me)

And I got my comet. My love.

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