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It's been two days. And I'm not happy. At all. But I fake it. I have to be happy. In front of my friends. But this weekend is a family dinner. And I was told by my Shelbies mom said she is bringing Max. And I have to go.

"Ross. You ok"James asked. "Do you love someone "I asked. He looked down. "Yea. I do. But she loves someone else"he said. "Who"I asked. "Shelbie. "He said. "You know"I asked. He nodded. "Max walked up to me yesterday and told me he was sorry"he said. "Sorry for what"I asked.

"Being a friend then leaving "he said. "He was friends with a lot of people "I said. "But you were different "Adam said. I looked at him. "Big time"Red said. Barney nodded. "Ross was number one"Jess said. I looked down. "Now Shelbie is number one"Em said. I laughed.

"Ross"Jin said. I looked up and smiled. "I'm fine"I smiled. "I have you guys"I said. Adam looked down. Then stood up. "No. I for one need an explanation. "He yelled. "Adam. He said he is....."Jin stopped. I looked at Jin. "There is no use in stopping him"Jin said.


I was trying to find Max when I saw Shelbie. "Why"I asked. "He ruined everything. "She said. "But you ruined him more. He loved Max. "I said. "Who cares. "She said. "Max loved him"I said. "And you hated him. You hated that Ross got him. Even though you are with Jin. You hated it to. You loved and still love Max. Admit it. "She said.

I froze. "Find Max and see for yourself. "She said. I rolled my eyes. I walked away and found Max. "Listen I don't want to hear it ok. I'm with...."I stopped him by kissing him. He didn't  push away. But didn't kiss back. I backed away. "What was that "he asked. "I don't love you. "I said. "Trying to prove you don't love me. You love Jin"he said. I nodded. "Why"I asked.

"I love her"he lied. I rolled my eyes. I walked away. I saw Jin. "You saw didn't you"I asked. He nodded. "If you wanted to see if you still liked him. You could've told me"he said. I looked down. "I'm sorry. I love you. "I said. He nodded. "I know. I'm proud of you"he said. I smiled.

I remembered something. I grabbed the box. "I know we have a lot of fights. And we have broken up before. But Jin. I love you. So much. "I got down on one knee. I heard gasps. I saw Jess get her phone out. And Ross smile. "Adam"Jin whispered. "Jin. I want to be with you forever. "I smiled.


I smiled when I saw the scene. "Jin. Will you do the honour of marrying me one day"Adam asked. Jin smiled and started crying. "Yes. I love you to"Jin said. Adam stood up and put the ring on Jin finger and kissed him. Then hugged him.

I saw Shelbie walk up to Max and kissed him on the cheek. And smiled. Max looked at me then down. I looked down to.

He would've been my first kiss.

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