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I was in class when I was called to the office. I walked there. Worried. "Go right in"the lady said. I walked into the principals office. I sat down. "Hello Ross"he said. "Hi"I said.

"You aren't in trouble. We just have noticed you looking upset "he said. "I'm fine"I said. "Go to room 24. "He said. I nodded. I got up and walked to the room. I knocked. A young lady opened the door.

"Come in. "She smiled. I nodded. I sat down. "So name"she asked. "Ross"I said. "Lala. But my real name is Olivia. "She said. "So why did I need to come here"I asked.

"You lost someone. To a person you trusted"she said. I nodded. "How was this person. That you trusted "she asked. "She was a cousin. Best friends until I came here"I said. "And the person you lost"she said.

I smiled. "He was funny. But very mean. But sweet. Any time we almost kissed. He would stop. He knew I wasn't ready "I said. "I had a love like that "she said. "What happened. "I asked. "I married him"she said. I laughed.

"I still have it. My daughter told her babysitter that my name is my love. "She said. I smiled. "Don't give up. When you know it's gonna come back. "She said. "What if I already gave up"I said.

"You have heart. You have everything. "She said. "I don't have him. He doesn't love me"I said. "Really. Do you really believe that. Do you really want to go on with life. You are a boy. And he is a comet. Just wait for him to come back. Do what you believe in. Ok"she said. I looked down.

"I did that. But then I had someone. And I found him again. And I have been married to him for ten years. We had a daughter seven years ago"she said. "What if he really doesn't want to be with me"I asked.

"Find out. "She said

(Time skip)

It was after dinner and I walked to the tree. Thinking about what she said. Find out. Do I want to. Will I get hurt. Will I lose him even more. What will happen. After tomorrow is the family thing. Then on Friday. Is the dance. It's been a couple of weeks at school. And I am happy. But not fully.

Not without him.

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