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It's Wednesday. And I am going to the dance on Friday. But I know I'm gonna regret it. But I want to be with my friends. James and Shelbie got to together.

So did Em and Tim. Adam is engaged to Jin. Jess is dating Jason. And red and Barney. Well I'm really confused for them. But I have no one.

Cause I one I love. Hurt me. Like I hurt him.

(Time skip)
I was home alone. I was scared. I never liked being alone. I then heard a knock. I opened the door and saw Max. "Max I told you"I said. "Can't we be friends then"he asked. I let him in. "Ross. I'm sorry ok. Give me another chance"he asked.

I shook my head. "Max. Please. Don't"I asked. "Why. I'm trying to tell you I love you. When you shut me out. "He yelled. "Don't yell"I said. "Ross. Please"he yelled again. I grabbed a glass cup. "ROSS "he yelled again. I threw the glass.

I looked up to see max looking scared. "Leave"I said softly. You could tell I was scared. "You trying to kill me. Trying to shut me up"he asked. I shook my head. "Kill me. "He asked. "Max leave. "I said.

"Ross. Please"he asked. "MAX. IM DONE. OK. GET OUT. NOW"I yelled. He looked down. "I made a mistake that night. Saying no. I should've said yes. And lied to her. "He said. I looked away.

He then left. I started crying. "Why. Does this have to happen.

I'm losing my comet

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