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Max texted me meet me at the tree. I get good clothes on and go downstairs. I see Ethan saying bye to my mom. "Be back by 10:00"she said. He nodded. "Jeez. Dude your mom is like another mom for me"he said to me. He left. I smiled.

I aid bye to my mom and walked to the trial. I saw Max on the tree. I climbed. I sat by him. "So how you been"he asked. "Good. How's dating my cousin"I asked. "ROSS "he yelled. "What. Ok. I can't get over it. I love you"I said. ".."he looked down. "I don't even know why I agreed to this. And why you said yes"I said.

"Because. I wanted to. And agreed to this"he asked. "My friend Ethan texted Shelbie if she wanted to hang out. Then he got my phone and texted you. And here we are"I said. Max smiled.

"I knew that wasn't you"he said. I looked at him. "Right when I saw the text. I was about to say no. Then Shelbie told me no date tonight. So I said yes. At first I would never think it was you. Then you texted me "see you at the tree". I knew it was you"Max said. I smiled.

"How did it end up like this"I asked. "Don't know. But things happen for a reason. Just like those three guys at your old school. They kinda made you stronger "he said. I looked down. "Two guys "I said. "Hmm"he looked at me. "Two guys. And one girl"I said. "So you dated a guy and a girl. Then the other guy hurt you"he said.

I shook my head. "I dated the two guys. An the girl abused me"I said. He looked shocked. "She would throw bottles at me. Plates. Anything really. I still have bruises and scars from her. "I said. He looked down at me. "Sorry I lied"I said. "It's fine. I lied to"he said. "About"I asked.

"Something I did to a lot of people. I lied. Adam. Red. Barney. Jin. Jess. James. Tim. Em. And you. "He said. "I hurt all my friends. Then you came. And I got to be friends again with most. Except one. Adam. He still hates me"he said. "Truth"I asked.

"Two months after we started hanging out. He asked me out. I said no. Then one day. I kissed him. And never talked to him again. He found Jin. And was happy "he said. "Red"I asked. "I was suppose to be there. But I was never there. Then Barney showed up"he said.

I asked a few more then one made me wonder. "James"I asked. "I took Shelbie "he said. "Then left her"I said. He nodded. "Me. "I asked. He looked down. "I should go"he said. I grabbed his arm.

"Truth"I said. He looked down. "I lied to you"he said. I let go. "This was a mistake "I said. He just looked at the stars. "I'm gonna go"I said. I climbed down. But I slipped and fell on my back. "ROSS "max yelled. I saw him above me.

"Ross. How many fingers"he  asked. "Squirrel "I said. "Ok. Your good"he said. I tried sitting up. "Come on. I'll take you home"he said. I shook my head. "Shelbie sees you. She will be pisted. "I said. He nodded. He helped me up. We stared at each other for a while. He was leaning in. I was leaning in to. But then I stopped. "Bye"I said. I ran home.

I opened the door and closed it. I saw Ethan. "Hey buddy how was....."he stopped. I was crying. "This was a mistake. I never should I have done this "I said. He hugged me.

"I'm sorry dude. Your mom said you can invite friends to the family thing. "He said. "I will tell them"I said. He smiled. "You'll be fine dude. Don't worry. "He said.

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