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I looked at the clock. My day is almost over. I'm so happy. I want to go home so bad. Then the bell rings. And I grab my stuff. And walk to my locker. I see that guy Max. I see him look at me and I look away and blush. What's going on.

Then Adam walks up to me. "Hey Ross"he said. "Hi"I said. "So. Have any plans this weekend "he asked. I shook me head. "Cool. All of us. Except Shelbie. Are going to this place. But it's a surprise. "He said. "Care to join"he added. I nodded. "Why won't Shelbie come"I asked. "She said she didn't want to be around us anymore. "Adam shrugged his shoulders. He waved by and walked to Jin. I smiled.

I started walking home. I saw Max again. Then I saw that Tyler kid again. "Wow. You look ok. I thought Max was gonna beat you up"Tyler asked. I shook my head. "He said warning "I said. "Well. I don't give warnings. "He laughed. He punched me in the face. I fell to the ground. I was waiting for something else but nothing happened. When I looked up he was gone.

I saw Max. In front of me his hand out. I grabbed it and he helped me up. "You ok"he asked. I nodded. He shook his head. "What"I asked. "You have a black eye. It looks like crap"he said. "It hurts a lot"I said. "Where's your house"he asked. I pointed to houses down.

"Let's go"he said. I was confused. "I'll take you home"he said. We started walking and once we got there he said "See you tomorrow ". I smiled. "Ye. See you tomorrow ". I walked inside and saw my mom smiling. "He's really cute"I blushed. "Gina leave the boy alone.....Wow he is cute"my dad said looking through the blinds. I rolled my eyes.

"How was school"Mom asked. "Great. Met some friends. But I think Shelbie hates me"I said. "Yea. She isn't doing to well. Since her breakup with that Max fellow. Man I want to meet that kid and punch him in the face"Dad said. "You saw him outside "I said. "Oh my"mom said.

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