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It's Friday. Tomorrow is that little family thing that I am going to with Shelbie. I don't want to go. But if I don't. She will tell the whole school I love Ross. Not a bad thing. Well once the people that hate me learn I love someone. They will hurt him.

That's the last thing I want. But I hurt him. I walked downstairs. I see my mom. "So when am I gonna meet Ross"she asked. "Never. We are not together "I said. She shook her head. "What "I asked. "Grow up. Be a man"she said.

"If I am with him. He will get hurt"I said. "He's probably hurt right now"she said. I looked down. "Don't make this girl be the cause of a broken heart. "She kissed my forehead. I looked down.

"He won't talk to me"I yelled. "Make him"she yelled.

~Sorry this is short. After people read this. Well right after I published this I am writing another one. Got to say this is really fun to write. I try to make them short so I can write more chapters. Gonna try to make it to chapter 20. Bye~

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